Littlewoods Air Raid Shelters | Urban Exploring

Myself and Rachel went to have a look at some air raid shelters that were used by the employees at Littlewoods. We have been down many air raid shelters in our explores; however, until this one, the largest were the ones in Wigan.

This particular air raid shelter is 300 metres long of labyrinth turns; we laid arrows down in the direction out from loose bricks in the tunnels.

The images show the amazing portraits of men and women wearing helmets, with researchers suggesting that their quality means they may have been painted from life, possibly to entertain the occupants during the wait for the all-clear during the blitz.

Other research of the faces has also suggested that they may be sketches of co-workers at the factory.

One of the initials under a portrait is ULF; a local researcher has tracked this down to a woman called Ursula Lois Forshaw.

Simon Wilson

Footage edited by

Charlene lowe Kemp

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