Most Haunted Ghost Town – Belchite – Spain


The thought of exploring a town completely abandoned is somewhat exciting and as we approached the town, I looked on with complete amazement as the ruined buildings was quite easily visible from a mile away as we drawn closer the clear devastation revealed itself with each yard we took.

As soon as we pulled up I was eager to get out and go and see. As I walked around the wreck of buildings – the true reality of it’s sad story really hit a cord with me.

I was walking around a war zone frozen in time…

The history

In 1937 during the spainsih civil war, thousands of men and women and children in the town of bechite were brutally killed.

Republican forces sought to capture the Aragon regional capital Zaragoza and at the height of the conflict had 80,000 infantry about with artillery and tanks prompting the Nationalists fearing a march on Madrid to move 100,000 troops to the province. On the republican side were also international fighters including the Lincoln Brigade of American, Canadian, British and a dozen Australian men.

The township’s water supply was cut, those trapped inside starved or were shelled from the hills before house-by-house battles raged in the final week of August and first week of September.

Bodies was stacked up in the town square which witnesses recalled one pile was one storey high. The bodies was burnt throughout the day and night and others was thrown down a trujal where they are still entombed today.

The exact number of whose who lost their life was never actually recorded however it is thought to have been at least 5000 people which also included civilians.

Such was the brutality on both the Fascist-backed Nationalists and Communist-backed Republican sides, after the war the dictator Franco ordered the whole town be abandoned and left untouched as a “living memorial” to the dead with a new Belchite constructed by the conquered prisoners of war on its outskirts.

Nobody in Spain seems to like to talk about the civil war and it’s understandable when you see the exact destruction that occurred not just in belchite but across the country.


Being a empath and somewhat sensitive you could feel the sadness as I explored each building. I can imagine there is many lost souls wandering around wondering just what has happened.

I had visions of ladies all around in head scarfs hiding and covering their children so to shield them from harm. I seen tragic scenes of men losing their life the more I explored the more I seen small clips in time come over me like a wave.

The explore was peaceful in a physical sense however inside I could feel the cries and screams of those who had lost their lives here.

Locals have reported hearing a child calling for their mother and this is heard regularly at dusk.

Locals state that they hear many voices and screams of anguish coming from the shell of the buildings that stand today at night however instead of being frightened by what they hear – a overwhelming sense of sadness is felt.

Check out some explore footage!

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  1. Another sad history, again still being repeated to this day around the world. Fascinating story. A Spanish Oradure sur Glane basically.

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