Good morning, if your in the UK this weekend we are set for a warm and sunny one and I thought it be nice to share a spot I visited a few weeks ago, if your seeking some healing and solitude this is the place to go!

Hidden away in a dense woodland near the Eastern shore of Knyspersley Reservoir in Staffordshire is Gawtons Well. The surrounding woodland consists of beautiful yew trees which provides a magical atmosphere if that is what you are seeking.

Legend as it that Gawtons Well as long been a sacred site, with many claiming that druids once worshipped here however this is debatable. Personally speaking, it most definitely feels a place that druids would have and is a place that I feel fae could very much be. Upon going to the well we spotted what looked like a animals face (birds face with a eye) that may have naturally formed by itself but in my opinion shows tale tell sign that druids may have been here…

Face of a bird?

The documentated history is that a man named Gawton who was infected with the plague, was driven from his village and came to the well to live here to be cured by the spring water.

It’s reported that Gawton lived as a hermit at Gawtons stone. A large block supported by three other stones which is located close to the well.

Strangely enough on our visit I came across a man sat at the well, He informed me that he visits the well everyday to seek peace and he looks after the well and the woodlands off his own accord. At the time I didn’t think nothing out of the originally however upon leaving I wondered if Gawtons ghost haunts the well and he acts as a guardian for the place to this day… I should have asked just how old this man was and how long he’s been guarding the place for!

Situated just a few minutes from the well is a wardens tower – a folly which is now boarded up and has no access in however a brillant little hidden suprise to add to our explore.

The woodlands also have a waterfall which provides a tranquil atomosphere alone.

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