About US!

We are a investigation team based around the UK. Founded and owned by Charlene Lowe Kemp In 2017.

We investigate locations all around the UK free of charge, we do live streams, videos and bring you blogs and articles on all things paranormal.

Our aim is to bring you all the theories based around the paranormal but giving you the truth on these theories leaving you to decide for yourself.

We have been featured on Sky TV on Halloween 2016 has part of Project Paranormal. We also have and do feature on Amazon Prime.

Paranormal Hauntings book reached Top 3 in its category on Amazon books.

We have a free Magazine which can be read online digitally via this site or google books and this earned a reward on higgypop.com for a Silver Award  for Best Paranormal Magazine 2018 with over a 1,000 votes.

We have one of the largest Paranormal Communities on Facebook.

We work with many other trusted teams within the community, some of these being from overseas.

Our aim is to show the paranormal is a passion for us rather than a aim to make money or gain frame, for us it is simply about sharing our interest with the world!

We also have the Haunted Museum UK.

4 thoughts on “About US!

  1. Hi there guys!

    My name is Xander – I’m the Executive Producer & 1/2 of the podcast hosting duo Xander & Stone – The Science & Supernatural Podcast.

    I love your site – always reading the stories and using it to research topics! Fantastic site full of excellent content.

    Few things I’d like to ask you guys:

    1) I would like to know if, with you permission, we can reference some of the info/stories from your site/blog on our podcast – of course we would give full credit on the episode to any content that comes from your blog/site & include direct links to the page/site for the listeners. Drive the listeners towards your site & content (and of course any other content channel you’d like – YT etc).

    2) I couldn’t find a “Contact us” page so I please excuse this being in the comment section here haha.

    3) I noticed you have a PARANORMAL PODCASTS page – how can I go about submitting our podcast to it? If you’d like to check out our podcast here’s the link to our podcast website:


    Hope to hear back from you!


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