Haunted Museum UK

Welcome to The Haunted Museum UK. Paranormal Hauntings own Museum full of items and oddities that have stories and curiosity about them.

We started our collection back in 2016 and since then we have expanded our collection, many have been donated, some have been brought and some are on loan to just study.

We have previously worked with some items which are dubbed to be the most haunted items in the world, one being the Anguished man painting and another the Busby chair of death.

The items we collect are not just for show, for frame or a name tag, we have them sit within our museum to study, giving you regular updates on what has occurred through videos, lives and blogs.

We are currently concentrating on 3 items to study:

Elizabeth the doll

Blog can be seen here

The witch picture

Blog can be seen here

The Dybbuk Box

click below link to find out more

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