The Witch’s Eye – The Convex Witch Mirror.

A few months ago I was researching mirrors and came across one I had not heard of before – The Witches Eye.

I’ve worked with black mirrors, normal mirrors and even haunted ones but had never even heard of this one.

The Witches eye is basically a convex mirror, during the medieval times in France, convex mirrors was believed to have very strong magical powers often being referred to as ‘oeil de sorcière’ – which literally translates as ‘witch’s eye’!

It was thought that the convex mirror acted as a huge eye – observing the surroundings and repelling evil forces.

Convex mirrors was mainly placed either at the top of doorways or at the side of windows or doors to prevent evil entering the home.

Aimee noticed that on the mirror I had brought there was a tudor rose. She thought this was interesting as Mary Queen of Scots mother in law – Catherine Medici used a convex mirror to predict her future and to predict the future of France.

Flowers on mirrors was strongly associated to occult practices and was thought to be a satanic tool – it was widely believed that even the devil sometimes appeared in the shape of a flower.

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  1. I was today years old when I found out this, thanks to you! A quick Google in French, found they are still popular decorative items, on all the online sales sites. I thought they were just a decorative item, and more used for redistributing light, and as a security mirror. No surprise about Mary Queen of Scots having one, since she was raised close to the French court much of her life, and aparrently like Bonnie Prince Charlie, hardly spoke English, and that with a strong French accent. The legend goes the painter and alchemist Jan van Eyck, discovered how to properly use oil paints, using what he saw in these mirrors, and they appear in several of his paintings. Always learn something new with your posts petal; Thanks once again. Bon weekend.

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