Clifton Fever Hospital | History and Spirit Box Results |We May have found Robert!

Last Thursday, I took a stroll around Clifton fever hospital. I was keen to visit regardless of access to inside and I quickly established, I was not able to gain any access, even though I had seen other explorers who have accessed it in recent weeks, but at present, it isn’t accessible at all!

I was still still keen to visit regardless.


The Clifton Fever Hospital opened on the 20th June 1892, after Clifton and surrounding towns were infected with a epidemic of smallpox.

Twenty-six people died during the 1892 outbreak and many more were infected. Such hospitals isolated the infected,where many more died.

After the epidemic the building remained in use for medical purposes throughout both wars and was later a residential home before closing in 2008 due to structural issues as well as the presence of overgrowing ivy in the roof.

Watch below as I explore and conduct a spirit box session.

My intital titling was ‘Use your Sixsense to tell me what this location was used for’

The audience reported they felt it was a hospital and some mentioned a children’s home and a home.

All which was correct.

I ran a spirit box where the name Robert came through, alot was sensing him following me, I asked if someone was and the response I received was ‘he is’, I did get a few cheeky replies, which to some people they could have took offence to, but I had a giggle about and when asked how many was present 3 was said.

Since my session I was intrguied to see if a Robert fitted the history of this place, so I asked Gina Marshall, to look into it’s history via Old newspaper articles and she did indeed find a Robert…. And he owned the land which the hospital was built on.

Here is the article

People also picked up on a nurse… And it is believed the porter of the hospital drove this lady mad… Again a nurse was picked up on following me around, along with a man!

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