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Here is an usual piece, I’ve given it the name the Witch Picture, just from when I first seen it I seem to feel it had a witchy presence about it. It is a odd like picture. I can’t say it is a painting because it isn’t, it also isn’t drawn on like a picture. It feels somewhat textured but also scratched on.

Originally, it was took from a family in America. They reported that it made feel uncomfortable, they had heard giggles coming from the room it was in and even one time it had somehow changed walls to replace another picture.

I got this from a team, that is based here in the UK. They had also reported hearing women speaking, giggling and it moving.

Since buying it a set of Live ITC sessions had been conducted with it, the responses from this device has been somewhat sinister. When asked ‘Have you killed someone’ the reply was ‘ I took his head off’. It made reference to words that assiocated to Witchcraft and has even gave the name ‘Ursula Kemp’. Ursula Kemp was hung for witchcraft and was held at The Cage known as The Witches prison in Essex.

It has also moved from one area of a room to another.

With it making reference to Ursula, I decided to take it to the The Cage while I was helping to film a documentary on the location. The occupiers informed me that Ursula Kemp had 3 daughters, who was also thought to be branded as witches like their mother and by looking at it they thought it could have a possible link to the daughters through various investigations and findings they have from The Cage.

Footage of this can be viewed below

I was also contacted to say that one follower who was following the live ITC sessions believed she may have found where it could have came from. She had found a museum near Salem in America, where they had very similar pictures there of witches who was convicted.

Since its been back with me its been to one other person, Simon. Simon didn’t report any really usual with it but did say that during the week he had it he couldn’t find his bank card. The day it came back to me, he found it in a unusual place where he wouldn’t have thought it would have been. Was this due to the picture or just a bank card mislaid?

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