Neil Cook Spirit Medium|’I believe Elizabeth to be a Mourning doll’

Since I was a little boy I had an incredible gift, being able to communicate with the Spirits which are no longer with us. I was something known as psychic. This gift started with my grandmother who passed it down to my mum and then to me. I remember in the beginning I was afraid of this ability but as I grew older I realised it was a wonderful gift and I had to run with it. Since that day I have made it my mission, reconnecting people with their loved ones in spirit, it’s what I truly love doing the most.

Back in the autumn of 2016 I was contacted by a good friend David Barrett regard a photograph he wanted to show me hoping I could use my gift with psychometry and read from the picture which I gladly said yes too. David sent the photo via social media to my in box which I recall saying leave it with me at the time. After a few hours the same day I took time out to meditate before sitting down to study the photo which David had sent, which was of a Victorian style doll in Victorian style dress and hat. My initial connections when asking spirit and my guide was that this doll was originally a Victorian mourning doll. I’m aware that during the period from the mid to late nineteenth century until the early 20th century, popularly known as the “Victorian Era,” people typically used elaborate physical representations and rituals to mark the death of a loved one. Because deaths typically took place in the home, the body of the deceased was usually prepared for burial, and often displayed for a period in the home. Because of the close proximity of death to the home, and because of high mortality rates for children and infants, children especially were often familiar with and exposed to death and dead bodies from a very early age. By the late nineteenth century, it became customary to commission a “mourning doll” to lie at the grave of a deceased child. These became widely popular as a coping mechanism for families dealing with the death of a child. As I worked with spirit whilst studying the photo I was shown the doll laid next to an infant in a coffin, which was stood on top of a table and the surrounding which were been shown to me in black and white appeared to be of a front parlour/living room of the same era, people were stood around this coffin grieving of their loss of a small child which was a very young girl. As my connections became stronger with the photograph of the doll I asked my spirit guide for a name, my guide immediately said her name is Elizabeth in the clearest Clairaudient stern voice. My guide continue to say that the child’s energies were very much around this doll if not attached along with a second energy which was also female which he believed to be a mother like energy. The child I could see laid angelically in her coffin had not spent much time on this earth plain and was taken from by a deceased illness.

Shortly after my phychomerty with this photograph of the Mourning Doll I was kindly invited to work with this doll on a live, during this live lights within my home started to flicker has soon has I mentioned the doll ‘Elizabeth’. I used to do this lives weekly and I had never encountered my lights to behave in this way before or at any other time and after the live they was completely fine.

I was then asked by the team to work with the doll, where we filmed our work in an old Castle in Penrith, Cumbria which was later televised for Showcase TV called ‘The Last Battle For The Borders’ whilst working with David and his team on that night and I had the liberty of holding and working with this Doll, holding it or her for the first time, it felt charged, in a spiritual way, although I was now aware of the connection this doll had with a grieving family and the passing of a very young child of yesteryear, there was an attachment of an energy which I could only describe of being Negative.

Was this energy of a grieving mother who had lost her one and only little girl or was it of a little girl who had her sweet little angelic life taken away so very soon? Only Elizabeth knows.

Neil Cook Spirit Medium

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