David Barrett: 12 Months of Elizabeth 2017-18

Between 2017 – Oct 2018 David Barrett had Elizabeth with him at his home.

here is his report:

Having Lizzy the doll at my home for over 12 months we experienced a few high levels of activity. On fb lives we used to catch her name and where I got her from the lady’s name. On a Few occasions myself and Kaz (my wife), Were down stairs only to hear Kaz rings had been dropped on the floor up stairs. Kaz, had her best bit of evidence when she was lying in bed, she felt what she said was someone blowing on her face and then heard he’s coming ( we have had this a lot on itc when working with her and a lot suggest there are 2 spirits attached to the doll) another night I was down stairs was late so started to fall asleep in the living room only to hear my name getting called. I thought it was just me hearing things as I was tried, only for Kaz to tell me next morning she heard my name getting called. We also experience a lot of items getting misplaced only to turn up where we had looked before. This has stopped since dolls have went to stay with my pal charl. For the best part Liz had been stored in a bag in storage.

Activity did seem to come in waves where nothing happened but I do feel Lizzy is free and will go and come as she pleases but will always come back to the doll when she needs too.

I needed to get everyone’s account who has had her in their possession to get a proper documented case for her hence why I have asked David of his experiences while she stayed with him. Haunted items are so common now a days, to many they can be nothing more than a laughing-stock, but I personally believe Elizabeth is somewhat different and instead of me saying she does this and this happens, my aim is to have her passed around for others to see if they experience anything with her and to document if anything does or doesn’t occur.

My aim isn’t just to pass her between friends or team members either, my aim is to pass her to anyone who wants to explore items seriously.

My aim is to document anything or nothing that these people may occur while she is in their presence.

Has of today 27/12/18 she is currently with my mum.

My mum is reporting to have strange dreams which is unusual for her.

I have experimented with this and I did take the doll away for 2 weeks and my mum reported the dreams stopped when I brought her back in the dreams came back again.

I conducted a live with her on 26/12/18 because has I sat at my mums table the lights started to flicker has I brought Liz over to where I was sat. I am yet to review what the ITC I conducted live.

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