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Lizzy the Haunted Doll.

Red Ridge X was given the opportunity to hold in our possession Lizzy the haunted doll. The dolls previous owners kindly passed the doll over for 7 days to see if we noticed any strange occurrences or anything out of the ordinary around the house. The doll has been known to cause nightmares, scratches and even effect lights in the room.

Below is the blog of Philip Williams of Red Ridge X.

November 5th 2016 – Day 1

My name is Philip Williams and welcome to my daily blog. First of all I  will explain the nature to this 7 day blog. I have in my room the Elizabeth doll. I have been given permission to take the doll home and share my experience and thoughts of each day while in possession of the doll.

I woke up around 3 am this morning to an interesting dream, it included Lee Steer getting strangled by a blurry figure. I couldn’t make out if it was human or demon, I couldn’t say but in my dream there was a blurry figure . This dream I didn’t snap out of until the end when Lee drew his last breath . Yes disturbing maybe to some and sounds like a nightmare.

I find this interesting because I don’t normally remember my dreams much and when I do remember my dream it’s normally something totally different to what I had last night lol. There could be many reasons for such a dream.

One – could be just my mind playing up because of all of the hype the doll has had.

Two – could be a mad spirit not enjoying the situation its in, maybe due to the fact the doll has moved and misses Lee`s energy.

Three – could be doing this to warn me or upset me because I have put the doll in a place surrounded by the lords cross and other items on my altar.

I did an evp recording for 15 minutes shouted out some questions. I reviewed them back but sadly there is no results . I also planted an emf meter and when I did again nothing out of the ordinary. So I will repeat this again tonight and do another blog tomorrow. I will try to conjure any spirits that it may hold as we go through the week so I will keep you informed . Good night all and keep safe .

November 6th 2016 – Day 2

Today was a different kind of day for me, I woke up with a headache and a slight temper . I did a repeat of asking questions and placed the emf meter beside the doll. I had several emf readings of 5 to 10 mlg on and off and this carried on for about a minute. Something did occur that I have not noticed before in the house and that was the light bulb flickering. I must say that was first time I felt a cold chill run through my body. With this I consulted my brother and we have set up a series of ritual symbols around the doll and then I will let you know how the night goes. I also did a recording but unfortunately the batteries went flat.  I scratch and ponder… because those batteries were fairly new but I will just take it as a coincidence. I hope the next blog I get some more results but until then I have to sleep, close to this thing lol .. night all

November 7th 2016 – Day 3

I have little to report . Other than this morning I woke up by a female voice. I wrote down so I couldn’t forget what was said, “I’m here”. I could put this down to waking up from sleep. The voice to me was deep and sounded like an old woman. Today I placed a ritual symbol under the doll. These were created by my brother John and myself. In the next blog I will explain the procedure we used to do this.

Sadly yet again no EVP evidence to report but it’s still early days and I hope in the next few days I will get some shred of evidence. Equipment used so far is my compact camera, pendulum and an emf meter. My normal procedure each time I use my equipment is to test the strength of batteries. It’s been often recently when out in the field you use piece`s of equipment and then it suddenly goes flat. When this happens I can say one or two things. One results as near time of it running flat could give you false readings and two its a field of energy that’s draining or using that power. So with my previous experience in the field, I always check the batteries.

November 8th 2016 – Day 4.

I decided to take some emf readings with my meter and did an evp while I asked some questions directed to the doll or any entities attached to it. I had no evp results and my room lights didn’t flicker or pop. There was radio silence on my dreams to.

But I can say within the time of having this doll I’ve been feeling off sorts and watched. We will see what happens in the next few days, until then good night all.

November 9th 2016 – Day 5.

Last night was interesting. I had a few emf readings as I was asking questions, there were no reasons for the emf to be triggered and rarely ever picks anything up in that location. I dint get much else, there was nothing on evp or photos to report as yet.

I can say that I’m not sleeping as good as I normally would and that I probably know now what Lee was feeling when he talked about been drained.

To also report that no one in the house has had any ill symptoms as yet (thankfully) this maybe due to the symbol system we have used. On the other hand we have got blown bulbs in the living room. Hopefully I report something else of interest on tomorrows report.


November 11th 2016 – Day 6.

I’m sorry that some posts were posted the next day I have had a few events on. So I’m posting for the 11th the next post will be my conclusion ..

It was a strange night and after a pendulum session where I asked a few questions I was hearing taps from the draw. This was happening on and off through the night. I did checks for drafts and had a look if any of the Windows were open, they were all shut and there were no drafts. I must say I have been hearing an old woman’s voice when I wake up from sleep. I do find this occurrence creepy and it has been hit and miss on some mornings. Now is this happening because of the attention I have been giving this doll and triggering subconscious thoughts in my mind or is something trying to reach out. Either way its a bit creepy.


My Conclusion :

A week with this doll was interesting. I have had results of emf readings and strange call outs in the morning. I must say that I have never felt so drained.
My views are not backed with evidence but I will share my thoughts.

I think there is a female entity and a male entity attached to this doll. I also believe the reason for been so drained is because both entities don’t like each other.
The male entity is the guilty one that may harm people. In my household I had a report of seeing a moving mist circling the room. There was a dream also reported, I’m not disclosing name due to privacy.

“ there was a man in an old dirty suite.. He held out his hands. His right hand he had a penny, and the other he wanted something in return.. And I had nothing to give, also there was a female in the background she was wearing a white dress with red roses. When she appeared I woke.”

This dream was after experiencing the white cloud that was circling the room. At my surprise I haven’t had any manifestations but my brother John Williams has been feeling drained and sustained an injury. This was round the time John gave me the ritual protection symbols to protect me. Bless worked but sadly not for him..

So I can honestly say that I believe there is entities and that caution to those who doubt. I have enjoyed the week and I’m sorry if I missed a few days near the end but I also had work and family matters. I look forward to reviewing more of Lee’s wonderful objects.

Symbols Used.

We mentioned using symbols in our time with Lizzy the haunted doll.

The first symbol we used was a symbol for Lizzy, to get this symbol we used a meditation technique where we ask for a symbol to come forward from the doll after some time we would then draw out the symbol. The symbol below is what we received.


We also used a double circle symbol, within the space made by one circle drawn inside the other we placed a symbol for salt at the 4 compass points for protection. Inside the circular arrangement we placed a triangle with the symbol for Lizzy in the middle. The triangle is used as a portal for Lizzy. We placed the doll inside this circle and then got a copy of the symbol and did various experiments like the pendulum and placing a marble there for the rest of the time just to see if there is any activity.

A quick note on the symbolism and methods, we do things in a different way when it comes to using symbols and not necessarily classed as the right way. We like it that way.

A picture of the control symbol is below.


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