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Simon spent two Weeks with Elizabeth Aka Lizzy, the haunted doll, here is his report

When it comes to haunted objects, especially haunted dolls my thoughts are generally, they are just a word touted around to make the item more desirable for purchase in a circus of a market.

I do believe a majority of objects deemed as haunted are in deed nothing more then just objects. A minority of haunted items could have attachments; and by that, I mean a spirit could have an attachment to an item, in the same was it does to a building or a location.

Back in 2016 Charlene Lowe Kemp was part of a team named Project Paranormal. David Barrett, a team member decided to purchase a doll from Jayne Harris, a well-known and respected haunted collector. Having an interest in haunted items Charlene was eager to see and study this doll to see what she would produce.


David had brought Elizabeth to the Queen Of Scot’s investigation to give to Charlene for her haunted museum. Charlene began telling me some of the history of the item regarding the fact it has when in the presence of a male often reported having produced unexplained scratches on their bodies. Obviously, as I am very sceptical of such items I laughed this off and promptly grabbed Lizzy by the head and took her out the bag like anyone would any materialistic object.

We were just about to go live on Facebook as a par-unity project on the Paranormal Hauntingspage. As I was holding the item in my hand precariously, I felt a slight burning on my forehead; it felt as if someone had run their fingernail over the top of my eyebrow. Embarrassed, I didn’t say anything for several minutes. I was just about to tell someone when Charlene noticed I was acting out of character. I told Charlene what had happened, and she looked and said there was a scratch to my forehead…

Within ten minutes of that there was also a mark on my neck; this could have been a shaving rash? I don’t personally know and perhaps the anxiousness of the livestream maybe caused my neck to sweat causing me unknowingly to react to it. either way it was burning and was clearly visible.

The fact that I couldn’t explain the scratch certainly at least to my forehead as I was holding Lizzy, warranted a further more thorough look at this item. Lizzy spent a full week on a bedside cabinet in my bedroom; obviously, I was out during the week either at work or investigating somewhere else – basically the only time I was in the same vicinity as Lizzy was while I was sleeping.

Strangely and embarrassingly Lizzy has gained some respect, so I made sure her attire was correct and proper.


I was able to set-up a full spectrum camera and two EVP recorders in my bedroom recording any night-time activity that may occur. The static camera was facing Lizzy, myself and my sleeping arrangements.

I recorded 3 full nights of footage – To be honest, I have not had the time to look through the footage intensely apart from the first night due to time consumption at work and/or investigating elsewhere during the week. I recorded nothing I would deem as paranormal on the footage I have checked thus far.

At one point, while been in the same vicinity as Lizzy, I noticed the following scratch that wasn’t there at least earlier in the day. I have no explanation for this scratch as I had not been lifting anything or could think of anything which would have made contact to that surface area of the underside of my wrist.


Am not usually one for having nightmares, or if I do, it’s not often when I awake – I remember them. I have always been pretty good at decoding and interpreting them if and when they occur; it’s not something I have to think about, it just happens naturally.

A large majority of my dreams are just from triggers of what I have perhaps momentarily seen for perhaps a few seconds longer then I would usually look at it, or from seeing or thinking about certain people, states etc.

Both the dreams I had during this week were am pretty sure were warning dreams.

Baring in mind the dreams I had actually denotes what am going to say in the next few paragraphs, so I will skip the details and summarize.


I woke at 4am on Wednesday to a dream about myself in a location photographing some odd items. I was carefully moving them around and photographing them; am not going to go into detail as to what this particular object was but it was an animal. I noticed a guy was watching me while I was moving this particular object and photographing it. This guy went on social media with a picture of me holding this particular item in such a fashion that it looked like I had killed it. It went viral and as the dream was unfolding, it wasn’t looking good for me.

My conclusion of this particular dream to me meant I had to be very careful of what I said and did while in the possession of this item.

Another bizarre instant of this was the following day when I received a PM from someone along the lines of – I was disrespecting Lizzy; I couldn’t believe what I was viewing – I actually thought the dream had begun to play out. It actually turned out to be a lady I met on an explore a few months earlier, and she had been told I had the item and was trying to wind me up. (Was this coincidence, or was this Lizzy messing with me?)


Saturday morning I awoke from yet another memorable dream; again am not going to go into too much detail as this is far too embarrassing; basically I was in a location the other side of the country with a few of my regular para buddies. Everybody was getting into their vehicles etc to go home and one by one they began driving off. I however had lost mine; no idea where it was, and I was in the middle of nowhere.

I was on my own in the middle of f**king nowhere; I felt abandoned and alone.

Again this dream has played out to a degree this week.


Is Lizzy more then just a materialistic doll? Is what happened during the week just coincidence?

The scratches happened; no doubt about – and there was no logical explanation for them, either then or now.

The dreams were very real to me, and a very real warning; were these connected with the presence of Lizzy – It would be ridiculous to presume. One thing is for sure – am glad she has gone.

Orginal blog from Simon can be viewed on the link below, blog taken from paranormal urbex


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