Wombwell Woods | Water Scrying Results. Moonlight and River Energy

Native man?

Last night the team headed to Wombwell Woods located in Barnsley to undergo some water scrying. The reason the team picked this specific location to do this experiment in is because Wombwell is the first place documented in modern Europe for Scrying. This confession was made by William Byg of Wombwell and was recorded on 22nd August 1467. His work was considered authentic by those who believed or was open minded on paranormal possibilities.

Water scrying – What is it?

Normally water scrying is conducted in a bowl with a dark base and you glaze down in the bowl looking for faces, shapes and any messages. This is classed as a way of Divination and spirit can give you messages through the water.

The sceptical minded would say it nothing more than paredolia and a person is seeing what they want to see. Either way, we are open minded and we wanted give Water scrying a go to see what it produced.

For this session, we wanted to use the river water, the moonlight and a UV light.

John Williams disturbed the water by using a twig to stir the water, Chrissie Rising then casted the UV over the water. John and Adam both called out for spirit to come and manifest in the water and to use the energy of the moonlight to do this in if possible.

The audience was then asked to take screenshots when they felt they should. Below is some of the images below.

A skull?
A women with hands over her face?

The lake is rumoured to have its own haunting and this is another reason why we wanted to trial this season out in this specific spot.

If you would like to see our session, please check out the youtube link below. The scrying session begins from 1hour 8 mins in.

If you would like to read more about scrying in Wombwell woods history, please visit the blog below:

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