Miss Josie Arlington and her HAUNTED Tomb


Josie Arlington lost her mother in 1868 and became an orphan at only four years old. She lived in New Orleans and struggled with life. In her teens, Josie turned to prostitution.

Josie made somewhat of a name for herself and became known for being violent and aggressive. It was reported that on one occasion she bit off the ears and lips of a fellow prostitute. Josie’s brother was later murdered by a pimp who worked in the same brothel as she did.

Over the years, Josie decided she wanted to change her life and built the finest bordello in all of New Orleans. It catered to the elite and she became very successful and wealthy.

Regardless, Josie was never accepted by the upper class and deep down this was something that Josie really wanted. She decided that when she died she wanted to be buried in one of the more wealthier and flashier tombs in Metairie Cemetery.

She died in 1914 and reports of the apparition being seen around her tomb emerged. Other reports were the statue situated at the front of the tomb moved by itself and that one day her tomb burst into flames in front of many terrified spectators which led to the tomb being nicknamed ‘The Flaming Tomb’.

Many flocked to Josie’s tomb to catch a glimpse of what many were claiming which resulted in the cemetery officials exhuming Josie’s body and moving it to a location which was unknown.

However, reports of activity didn’t stop there, many visitors have claimed even to this day that they have witnessed the urns glowing red at the tomb and gravediggers continue to report that the statue seems to move by its own accord regularly.


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