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The cavern liverpool, is a underground club which is more known for its history of the band The Beatles and Cilla black.

But did you know its reputed to be haunted!

A ghost was said to have haunted the premises of the club in the late 1950s when it first opened as a jazz venue, and some “Cavern-Dwellers” even claimed they thought that the Devil himself had occasionally put in an appearance.

A water logged vault, 120 feet long, 70 feet wide and about 9 feet in depth, was discovered directly beneath the stage where the Beatles had regularly per- formed at the Cavern when the club was being excava- ted in 1982. The purpose of this vault has never been ex- plained, but this is just one of many Cavern MYSTERIES…..

Another Ghostly take is that some time in November 1963, possibly just before the day JFK was assassinated, a promoter and a businessman were at the Cavern. Jimmy Tarbuck had done a stand-up comedy routine, and had been supported by a group known as Vic and the Spidermen.

Some time after the show, several people saw a green glowing light appear, and a businessman, who had been sitting in a corner, sipping a Coca Cola, saw a bizarre-looking figure appear in the green glare, he described her as an outlandishly-dressed girl with pink hair, a type of mini-skirt, black stockings and workman’s boots. Her midriff was visible because she was wearing a revealing crop-top, and her bare lower back was adorned with some sort of oriental tattoo.

This eccentric young lady had her hands clasped together and her eyes were closed as if she was in prayer. A promoter turned when the businessman cried out to him, and he got the closest view of the girl in the green light. He saw she had a ring in her nose and what was possibly a piercing in her bottom lip. A third person saw what was taken to be a ghost, and then, about 10 seconds after she appeared, the girl and the green luminescence vanished into thin air.

The three men told no one else what they had seen, as they knew no one would believe them, and not long afterwards, the worrying news of President Kennedy’s assassination soon eclipsed the memory of the strange ghostly girl came flooding back, decades later, one of these men later told that he thought he had somehow seen a girl from some thirty or forty years away in the future.

More liverpool ghostly reports can be read on kindle in a book titled: Haunted Liverpool 21 by Tom Sleman.

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  1. I didn’t know it was rumored to be haunted! I’ll have to dig out my photos from when we jaunted there and see if anything showed up. (I know nothing did. But it would be fun to revisit the memory anyway!) Fun post!

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