The Major Oak| Nottingham’s Ghost Stories

Situated in Sherwood forest and famous throughout the world for robin hood.

Many would assume that it would be the legend of robin hood and maid Marian who is reputed to haunt this tree, but it isnt….

A ranger of the forest in the 1980s spotted a loving couple at the tree, he said the bloke wore an old style hat and coat and the women’s most striking feature was her hairstyle, he stated that they looked like they had came from the 1940s. A bird caught his eye for a second and he looked back and the couple had vanished…he then realised that the couple were walking in an area where no footprints existed and the vegetation was too dense to walk through…..

A second report of the couple was reported 3 years later by workman. He was working on the site at midnight when a couple appeared walked straight past him and disappeared he had described the couple exactly how the ranger had.

Who they are and what era they come from nobody knows but many speculate that it may date back to when the army used the forest during ww2 as camps…..


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