A few months back myself and Aimee headed to Buxton in search for the Buxton Mermaid…

Did we find her? Yes we did, however of course she isn’t a real Mermaid but her story is attached to two nearby sites to Buxton which are named as Mermaid Pools.

Studies under taken by a team at Lincoln University found the structure of the Mermaid is made from wood and wire, her teeth are made of bone and her hair is infact real human hair…

Find out more about the Buxton Mermaid by watching the video we did with her at the Buxton Musuem….


1 thought on “We Went to Visit The Buxton Mermaid

  1. A little bit of an old urban legend. Coincidently at exactly same time clicked the link to here in my e mail, while the beloved and I watching a French property show, I said “Ah, ‘The Crying Boy’, when saw the print badly hidden beside a wardrobe! . “The house is going to burn down now !” (the last said in French). Even here in France they know that modern urban legend, as the missus laughed! Keep the stories coming Charlene. Bon apero and bon weekend to you and the special paranormal forces team.

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