A GRAVE INTEREST – The Bubblegum Boy

A few weeks back myself and Aimee travelled over to Hull to visit a grave belonging to a little boy named Alfie Middleton.

With permission from the family (not all who as since been as had permission may I add, you know who you are!), we visited Alfies Grave and met with Hulls Historian Mike Covell to discuss the truth behind what really happened to Alfie.

During the 1960s, Hull was surrounded in legends that surrounded little alfies grave.

Stories ranged from mothers telling their children that if they ate bubblegum they would end up dead as little Alfie or if they crossed the rail tracks the ghost of Alfie would get them.

Mike Covell, grew up in Hull and being very familiar with the stories attached to Alfie, decided later in life to find out the truth…

How did little Alfie Middleton the boy everyone knew in Hull to be the Bubblegum Boy really die?

Watch our video we did with Mike Covell as he reveals the truth behind the legend….


Our next Grave Interest episode will take us to see a grave yard surrounded in a witches legend. We speak to a rector who knows the truth….

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