Alicantes Most Haunted | Preventorio de Aguas de Busot

I can not believe its took me quite so long to write this blog on one of the most interesting and fantastic buildings I think I’ve ever visited, Preventorio de Aguas de Busot.

Preventorio de Aguas de Busot is situated in the province of Alicante in Spain set high up in the mountains.

Built as a hotel named “Hotel Miramar Winter Station”. The water within the area was thought to contain healing properties and such occurrences were described in roman and Muslim chronicles making it a ideal spot for a wellbeing hotel.

The oldest known document is a privilege signed on 30 November 1596 , giving property of water to the city of Alicante, which shall be held until 1816 .

The main building currently held was built in 1838 by engineer and architect Pedro Garcia Faria, while the Conde de Rojas land adjacent houses embellished with small remote home spa for those who do not want to be near the bustle.

Then, start a conflict between the city of Alicante, the family of the Marquis de Bosch and Conde House Rojas. Until 1865 the dispute is not resolved, recognizing the Court of Jijona at Casa Conde Rojas as rightful owner.

In 1865 he began the construction of “Hotel Miramar” and a new spa taking advantage of the hot springs in the area. This hotel had a casino, party room, church, sports facilities and playground for children and splendor lasted until 1930.

In 1936, the State acquired the building and converted it into tuberculosis hospital, making it fit for children with tuberculosis.

The building went from being a place of entertainment for the wealthy to a place of suffering.

The preventorio closed in the spring of 1967 and thereafter became the source of legend and mystery.

Of all the nuns who cared for the children who came to preventorio were noted for their cruelty, 3 main culprits being Josefina Sister, Sister Sagrario and Transit.

The range of punishments inflicted on the children was wide, according to testimony, and passed from forcing them to swallow a fly by playing with it in the hour of rest, until they clean their shoes with their tongues as punishment for disobedience. Children who did pee at night were forced to wrap their heads until the next morning with the same sheets where they had urinated and paraded through the dining hall while the others ate breakfast.

At 9pm all had to be asleep and silent “and having an open mouth is the sew” said the nuns.

Previous patients today document their time here, some testimonies being of a great and pleasant place while others claim and document their I’ll treatment.

Then and Now

The preventorio became famous in 2002 when the researcher Pedro Amoros published an article about the alleged ghost white lady whose spectrum appeared in the mirror on the landing between the second and third floors and the Monk staircase, whose figure appears in a photograph allegedly holding a baby. Thereafter, of of spains most historical buildings began receiving numerous visits, some people interested in the paranormal, others merely curious.

Ghosts 👻

The most famous ghost story is that of the white lady, she has said to appear in mirrors and is seen climbing the stairs to quite a few visitors. Shadows in the hallways, unusual voices, children singing are among many of the unexplained phenomena that has been associated with this property.

Legend has it that the white lady can laugh and cry at the same time and others say that if the lady laughed at you that means that everything is fine while if her face is sobbing that means that something bad was going to happen.

My visit

I truly believe I captured the white lady. Not physically but over the spirit box.

I had researched prior to going that a gentleman had the location as a art gallery. Interestingly, his art is purely dedicated the myths and legends of Spain. He is actually classed as a occult artist and I had read that the ghost of the White lady had begged him to do the art exhibition, so I thought I’d reach out to him to see if I’d be OK to visit.

He informed me that he did a art show there to the Lost souls of the building and advised me to visit.

I do believe he had witness the white lady by the way he wrote to me:

He seemed some what sentimental to her and later wrote, please tell her I said hello and ill be back to see her soon.

So with this information, I did. I visited and at the point of standing at the stairs, where the white lady is said to be, I called out and said I have a message for you from czon and I said if you understand me could you please say hello in English and as plain as day you hear the reply ‘HELLO’….

A few minutes later, I caught laughing on the spirit box which again could link to the white lady herself and I am glad it was laugher rather than sobbing.

The building does have a feel about it. I did go back as darkness was settling however the land it sits on seem to have attracted a group of men burying something on it so I decided that I may have to visit at some other point when less people were about.

As you enter the building there is one room to the right of the entrance which just seems dark, you can not breathe in there and it just feels somewhat sinister. My mum and daughter was with me for my first visit and they had to go back to the car because the room had made them both feel dizzy and abit I’ll.

I did do lives here however signal was hit and miss so I decided to take footage as a extra.

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