Its been a while since I have blogged, I’ve been so busy with life that unfortunately my writing as had to take a back seat for a while and my career path, family and health as had to come first.

However, I will catch up and will fill you in on our latest investigations and latest explores because even though I have not been around blogging for you, you still haven’t stopped reading our content, even hit a bloom in reading stats for over 3 days a couple of weeks ago, so thank you for reading, commenting and continuing to share our work.


One I am going to write about today is a place I visited a few months ago in Spain. We have recently brought a apartment out in Spain so expect to see a fair amount of posts, blogs and videos of places I explore and investigate whilst visiting there. I have a lot of places pinned that I have researched and plan to see this year.

I never thought when I wrote a blog on the Belmez faces a few years back in 2018, that id ever actually get to see them. It took a 9 hour drive round trip with a few stops on the way to get there, if that isn’t dedication and determination with little or no gain for me than I don’t know what is.

If you do not know what the Belmez faces are then let me explain….

In 1971 in a small mountain village of Bélmez de la Moraleda, Mrs Maria Gomez Pereira noticed a dark stain forming on her kitchen floor.

Pereira scrubbed her floor and thought little of it. Little did she know that her home would soon be known worldwide as ‘the house of faces.’

Over a period of seven days, the mysterious stain turned into the clear image of a face. A face that would not disappear, no matter how intensely Maria cleaned.

Reportedly disturbed by the image, Maria, her husband Juan and son Miguel, destroyed the image by removing the entire floor with a pickaxe. They replaced the floor with fresh concrete and all returned to normal, for about a week. Soon after, a new face appeared, clearer than the last.

This resulted in a cycle of events of the floor was repaired, a new face appeared; this was destroyed, repaired, and the cycle continued. Yet soon, there was not just one face staring back at the family, but many. Some faded and disappeared by December of the same year, but new ones soon took their place.

Theories on the faces…

In April of the following year, a Professor De Argumosa travelled from Mardrid to Bélmez after hearing about the case. He announced that, through his research, he had unearthed several historic documents reporting that a seventeenth century governor of Granada (born in Bélmez) had murdered five members of a local family. The whereabouts of the murder site was vague, but was believed to have taken place nearby to or in the Pereira household itself.

Another theory posed by several sources was that, as the house was so close to a church, and it is literally at the back of the house, it was probably built on the site of an old cemetery.

Indeed, when the floor was removed and fully excavated, human remains were found several feet below. Many of the skeletons had no skulls and the bodies were reinterred into a nearby Catholic cemetery. Some contemporary reports cite the excavated remains to have been dated at around 700 years old.

Maria Gomes claimed to be a psychic medium and her theory on the situation was that the souls that was buried under her house was using the floor to show themselves and show their sorrow…it was a way of spirit connecting to her and retelling their story.

It was believed ghosts of children and women can be heard in the house and a few paranormal investigators who have previously visited the house claimed to have captured EVPs.

A Hoax?

Skeptical researchers have performed extensive tests on the faces and believe that they are fabrications possibly created as part of a hoax. Extensive tests was done on the floor which concluded that chemicals had indeed been used on the floor however in later years, sadly after Maria Gomez passing, other faces appeared and other Extensive tests were done which suggested that no chemicals was used. Researchers suspected that the Pereira family may have perpetrated the hoax for financial gain and blamed the mysterious paintings on Maria’s son Diego Pereira.

When I visited it was extremely hard to even gain access to the house. The granddaughter of Maria is only contactable via a number written on the wall outside the house and when you do ring unless you speak fluent Spanish, it was somewhat difficult to translate to her exactly what I wanted.

However, where there is a will there is a way and obviously I did manage to get into the house. I was only asked for a donation to have a look around the house and that donation was what I had chosen to donate not a set price, so I do think to say the Pereira family made the whole story up for financial gain is slightly unfair as I can’t see that many people actually visiting as its not even in a popular tourist resort in Spain. It took 4 hours for us on the way back to even find a place to eat where English was spoken (it’s that far out in the Spanish mountains) .

I found the house to be extremely cold. I think to a degree it does have a feel about it but I’m not sure if that is because of the all the mysterious beliefs behind it. I’m also questioning if I even caught a EVP of a child but I can’t rule it out being from one of us so haven’t pursued it because I’m not 100% sure if it is or not.

Maria’s grand daughter shown us new faces which had appeared recently but in all honestly, to me they just appeared as nothing more than paredolia. If you point to something and say it looks like something, if you stare long enough you see it. The older faces was very clear and undoubtedly did look like faces without even being pointed at.

Since I’ve been back I’ve obviously posted my video across numerous social media sites. I think the most interesting thing to have come from this is, I’ve had a influx of year 9 students from India extremely interested in my visit to the location and thanking me for my visit because they haven’t been able to access a video to help them with their studies.

I’m starting to feel abit famous in the old year 9 room classroom in india as it would seem my video is being shown to children as part of a subject they are studying for mysterious phenomenon.

What children in other countries study such a thing….? Yes they do and I’m slightly gutted that in Western schools we are not if I’m honest – I most definitely would have achieved a A+ in that subject in school, I would have been glued.

Watch my visit on the link below and if you hear a child’s voice let me know. My daughter is with me but this voice sounds much younger…

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