Over the years, I have been looking into The biggest American Folklore of our history via community groups and pages and I alone have had my eyes widened and my heart opened to this mythical beast. 

I am not going to write about documented cases, nor am I going to write about sightings, huntings, photos, films or indeed horror stories of incidents apparently occurring with this creature.

What I am going to write about are the different theories that many people believe this mythical legend to actually be. It has taken many hours and weeks of research and speaking with various individuals to figure out why they protect their theories and why they believe the way they do. 

I have laughed, been bemused, shaken my head but more importantly I have become accustomed to each individuals way of believing and I only have admiration for this, as these people who I have had the honour of speaking with are not out to exploit Bigfoot, they are not out there to somehow hunt it and kill it to show the world it exists, there is no monetary value at play here either, and whether you entertain their theories or not, it still opens up the mind and allows another insight into just what this creature might be, and whether or not it exists in reality or not in our reality…

I would like to also point out that these theories do not lend themselves  to the fact that Bigfoot only exists in America or Canada, but rather they are everywhere in the world, to some folk they exist also in my homeland of the UK, which opened my eyes even wider and will encourage me to perhaps search for these theories in the future.

Firstly I have to give the theory that Bigfoot is actually a giant Ape, which enthusiasts have been chasing, researching, documenting, writing about and trying to film for decades. Mostly these type of theorists wish their beast no harm, but there are the exception of those who are simply trying to capture and kill it to show the world they exist and to gain credibility. There are many recordings of Bigfoot howls in the night, photos of giant footprints, photos of the beast himself, videos also circling the net which are widely renowned as fakes, and proven to be, however the closest documented evidence was the Patterson footage taken in the 70s. This is still the most questionable piece of evidence and actual solid piece of evidence still under scrutiny that has been captured so far…

The next theory I have come across is that Bigfoot is actually a spirit… a spirit from another time frame, many religious people that follow Bigfoot have described this to me in depth, they believe that when you die, you become something else, something on this physical plain, but from another time and dimension. 

Their theory is one of beauty, to converse with nature, to converse with ancient beings that became a spiritual form in our time frame. 

They quite simply believe that Bigfoot is actually very similar to the faery folk, that apparently to some, inhabit the forests and woodlands around the world..many of these believers treat Bigfoot as some kind of Martyr or Apostle to mankind, and how we simply do not listen and continue to destroy one another with greed and ignorance. Bigfoot teaches them natural beauty and spirituality within the lands it chooses to grace itself in, and indeed whom it chooses to communicate with..

The next theory is incredibly interesting. Many sightings of Bigfoot have actually been linked with many reported UFO sightings. 

According to several people I have had the pleasure of speaking with, these theorists truly believe that Bigfoot are actually Alien beings. 

Their theory also spreads back throughout thousands of years where they believe their planet was destroyed and they came to earth through portals, which are still present for other humanoids in the universe, to come and go through. Apparently to these theorists, the Bigfoot or humanoids, actually work on different frequencies to earthlings, and they can actually become invisible to the naked eye. This is why there are few sightings and you must become accustomed to this theory to communicate with them. 

One gentleman I have spoken with, who is highly respected within the Bigfoot community, has written in depth about this theory, and believes he communicates and speaks with these Aliens every single day. He also is a believer and supporter of Bigfoot in the UK too…

The final theory that has become known to me, is that Bigfoot is a native ancient human. Not in the same way apes are our brothers, but more between our transmission from ape to human. Living way before religion and the bible, and also way before our brains and learned behaviours came in to play. 

This theory is supported by a few, but it is not supported by the masses.

This theory lends itself to how humans have evolved over time, and how our comprehension of light, speed and time has altered throughout thousands of years. 

These theories suggest that Bigfoot is like a chameleon, and can change to its surroundings, making it almost impossible to spot. It is rumoured also that they speak an ancient language, and can mimic sounds around them. These theorists also have a respect for them and leave gifts for them so they can learn about and from us. They also state never to leave them food. 

There is a belief that they dwell in caves and dens, and their population is growing not decreasing. 

These theorist believe that they are a total being of earth and are to be respected as just that, kind of like our forefathers if you like…as we are an animal, so are they…

So this is an insight to what I have been studying in a short space of time, what do I believe? it is a hard question to answer, I find myself a very grounded and level headed person, although very open to theory, opportunity and revelation. What I have learned is that it is actually OK to believe exactly what you wish to believe, is Bigfoot a giant Ape?

Is Bigfoot a spiritual being with lessons to teach us? Is Bigfoot an Alien species integrating with earthlings? Is Bigfoot an Ancient Human being, living amongst us that hasn’t evolved the same way as us?… or is Bigfoot exactly as it is described, an American Fable or Folklore?

Personally I do not believe any of these questions can be answered ever fully, however, until you delve into the theories and actively go out and look for these beings you may be swayed. 

Whatever you are left believing, I find it refreshing, that the theories of Spirit, Alien, Ancient Human or even Beast, they all come together in one way, that way is that they are respected, left alone, and left to integrate amongst us.. a valuable lesson I believe for any human to ingest….

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