Earlier last year I decided to head to Thieves Woods located in Nottingham to investigate with Aimee a location I have investigated and written on before.

I did not tell Aimee where we was going, what or who we were investigating. I simply got her in my car and told her when we got there I would go live on our Facebook page and put a spirit box on which would be played to her via headphones. I informed her that during this time I would be asking questions and I needed her to say what she heard and be lead by what she was hearing and how she felt.

My first visit to Elizabeth’s memorial stone was rather a quiet one and I knew that when I revisited, I wanted it to be different. The results of this experiment was amazing and it is one I will never forget and one most certainly Aimee never will. She is now very cautious from doing the Spirit box experiment and when I often suggest she tries it for another investigation she will say cant you? I think what she heard was so traumatic and was so real it really hit her hard when I took her to the memorial stone to reveal exactly where she was. I do believe this night really convinced Aimee and myself that spirit boxes really do help aid communication with those who have passed. I needed 100% confirmation that Elizabeth was indeed haunting the sight and for me we got it.

Watch The Spirit Box session on our YouTube Video below:

The story of Elizabeth Sheppard and why she is rumoured to Haunt her memorial stone is a particular sad story and You can Read more about her story on the blog below.

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