Vik is a small village located in Iceland and is situated near the Black Sand Beach and Reynisdrangar Sea pillars.

According to Icelandic folklore, these pillars actually used to be trolls. The legend says that while dragging a three-mast ship towards land, the trolls were taking too long to reach the shore, and at the break of dawn were instantly turned to stone.

Its believed by locals today, that if you go close to the cliff where they stand you can still hear their roars and moans. I have to say the sea and wind was so strong on the beach and mostly always is, its hardly surprising this tale is till told to this day.

There is a less common legend associated to the rocks and that is of of a husband whose wife was kidnapped and killed by two trolls. The man followed the trolls down to Reynisfjara where he froze them, ensuring that they would never kill again.

Trolls in Iceland

Trolls are mainly believed to live in the mountains of Iceland. Many of the mountains and even volcanoes you see around Iceland are named after certain trolls.

Trolls/Giants in Icelandic folklore are considered to be quite kind, trusting and wise. It’s believed if you help a troll you will be richly awarded. However, if you upset a troll and cause them harm they will seek revenge and cause absolute havoc.

They like the taste of flesh and are known to lure unsuspecting humans into their caves with spells, magic potions or simply by taking them captive. There has been many stories that trolls have taken women to have sexual activities with to be closer to humans and then would eat them. Admittly, I am glad that didn’t happen on my visit. 😆

Such folklore regarding Trolls and Giants were stories told to children to scare them and ensure they behaved with many stories suggesting that trolls came in the night stole naughty children from their parents and ate them alive. Sounds cruel, but it’s true and at one point telling such gruesome stories actually was banned in Iceland.


The reason for the sand at Reynisfjara being black is that it is formed from heavily eroded volcanic rocks (also known as extrusive igneous rocks), which are black (or obsidian) to begin with as they have been formed from cooled lava which turns black as it cools and hardens.

On my visit, I did a Facebook live, I say Vik feels like a spiritual place to me and there is two reasons why I think I particularly state this.

Earlier last year during Lock down, I had a past life regression with Paul Goddard on Live online. Paul took me to a past life where I lived in Iceland. The scenery I seen during this regression reminded me so much of Vik. I remember standing at the top of the cliffs, trying to look after a community and setting off regularly in stormy conditions to find new land.

Paul took me to my death in this life during the regression and I remember being on a ship and a storm approaching. The next clips I seen was the sea coming over the sides of the ship and pieces of the ship being ripped apart and my darked haired son being torn away from me by the sea. I do not cry often, but during the regression I sobbed (Well it seemed to me at the time as if I did), looking back on the footage of it, I think I had held more in than I was actually feeling.

A interesting find I found on my visit here was that this particular area had seen so many shipwrecks over the years. Its hardly surprising with how rough the sea is but I thought it was interesting that I came across the notice board stating this.

Another is, as previously stated the sand is obsidian. Obsidian has many spiritual meanings and everyday uses and is a amazing amulet for Scorpios. I am a Scorpio and Scorpios tend to be fiery, passionate, and intense. Obsidian too, is intense, but it is also a stone that uses its mirror-like qualities to help you see deeper. It helps you to stay grounded even when delving into those murky depths to do the important shadow work. We all should do shadow work when we feel ready too, it opens the depths of yourself completely.

I most definitely felt like I needed to ground here to the point I just laid on the beach in the bitter and windy conditions, around 50-70mph winds to be specific and around -10 temperatures, and allowed myself to sink in the depths of the sand.

I have to say I came away feeling completely refreshed, relaxed and somewhat at peace with myself. It would not be everyone’s cup of tea but it was mine. The scenery, the snow which laid across the black sand and the stormy atmosphere – I felt completly connected and I felt at one with myself and after the live I may have even shredded a tear.

That Night, my daughter awoken me and stated she had just seen someone walked next to my side of the bed and when she lit up her phone to see if it was her dad, they had just disappeared. I looked round but my husband was fast asleep next to me. In years to come, she will be able to confirm this story for me to those who follow our videos.

I have to wonder was this the Ghost of myself from my Past Life ( Now that’s a deep theory) visiting me or someone that may have felt connected enough to me during the day to come back to check on me. We had not previously experienced anything in the room prior to this and did not at any point after.

A Strange Pareidolia Occurrence

I had just had a lengthy walk up and down the beach, collecting sand and pebbles for those who watched my live video here and we decided we needed to warm up so headed to the restaurant that overlooks the beach to grab something to eat to warm us up. I was receiving numerous messages from followers that they wanted some sand and a friend and follower messaged me to ask for a pebble, which I opened the bag I had placed next to me, while I ate my soup and took a picture and messaged back I must have known, I have already got you one.

She later sent the picture back and said it looks like a troll on them pebbles. I had to laugh, it did. The sand I had collected had perfectly formed what looked like a Trolls face on one of the pebbles I had collected. I could not have created it myself if I had even tried. I did not know if to take it as simply Pareidolia or to take it as some kind of sign…what would be the odds?

Caught a Troll in a Bag 😄 Let’s hope he don’t come back and cause havoc!

It reminded me of a conversation I had shortly after my regression (roughly a week) with Historian Simon Entwistle on when the snow at Pendle Hill melted in such a way it looked like a witch riding a broom on the side of the hill. It was nothing more than pareidolia however some times I have to wonder if certain things look a certain way in a certain place if it could possibly be a sign – I’m massively open minded on that theory.

After we left, we visited a nearby Waterfall and just as we left, a raven flew over my head and squaked. It was rememberable moment as even Ed turned to me and said ‘Was that a Raven that’s just gone over us’ which I replied yes. Ravens are believed to be Odins Messengers.

I went into the gift shop and purchased a bracelet which I felt drawn to and when I got back on the bus and took a look at my purchases I realised I had picked the bracelet named ‘The Ravens Stone’. Pure consequence? Or a sign? I know what I feel, but ill leave it up for you as the reader to decide.

If you requested sand, I will be sending this off to you soon in a lovely necklace.

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  1. 1000% those were all signs. You were meant to find the rock with the troll, that raven was confirmation for you, the raven bracelet.. just everything. Stay open minded. Obsidian is very good for grounding. I love your blog, I randomly found you on Facebook and following. Thank you for sharing your experiences. X

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