Black Mirror Scrying | A few of our Captures

A few weeks ago I purchased a black mirror from a ebay seller. It was displayed very beautifully and the seller had gave a very basic description of the item.

Admitly, I did feel very drawn to it and I thought it would be a suitable size to carry around for investigations to do some scrying with.

The history of the black mirror goes back centuries and alot feel it is assiocated to the occult and occult practices. It isn’t necessary associated with bad practices, it depends on how you actually use and is associated to both good and bad. It is just the same as many other divination tools we use as investigators – it just depends on your intent while using it.

The black mirror used to be used by priests a lot and this may surprise some but over the years they are actually strongly associated to angels and documentation of such happenings have been documented within history. Priests would often use the black mirror to look into the future or speak to angelic beings.

The day we first used it, we happened to come across what I would have called a angel feather and our first investigation with it took a very interesting twist. It first felt peaceful and then suddenly turned abit negative. Swearing came through on the spirit box and its worth bearing in mind it was only 5pm in the afternoon and reference to demon came through twice. At the time, because we was investigating a nunnery – I didn’t assiocate the responses with the mirror but since ive looked more into the black mirror it does make me wonder if the responses and things we received was more to do with the mirror than the actual location itself.

I was told by the seller to keep a journal of what myself or what viewers capture within the mirror while using it so here we are and ill leave you to make your own opinons.

Is the black mirror some kind of portal – obviously I cant 100% say but what I can say is it bas indeed proved to have some interesting responses while ive used it and many have captured unusual things….

So here is some of the captures.

Thermal image – Face?

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