Googles Spooky Graveyard | Dowles Graveyard | Tales Of A Witch… A Possession and A Caged Grave

Last weekend I was looking for new places to investigate and came across what was called the ‘Spooky Graveyard’ listed on google maps. Of course, I looked into what this graveyard was really called and this is where things got a bit more interesting.

Dowles Graveyard and parish remains located on the outskirts of Bewdley dates back to 1789. The actual site dates back much further to 1170 when another religious structure stood here. It is now abandoned and has been in a derelict state since 1956.

It is the last resting place for the last reverend of the church, Joseph Tonks and is the final resting place for a lady named Susan Wowen – who was believed to be a witch and was linked to many tales of satanic worship and witchcraft. The tale is she would often have grow horn and shred them every of often.

How the chapel would have looked

The graveyard as a uniqueness about it. There is actually a mortsafe, which is quite uncommon to find in the UK anymore. These was often used to prevent grave robbers from stealing bodies but also believed by many that it kept the deceased encased and prevented them from returning one day.

Whos Mortsafe is it?

We actually speculated that it could be that of Susan Wowen as I know her grave is under the Yew tree where it is. However, I have since been shown evidence to suggest that a body of a dwarf could be laid to rest there and that the cage was indeed to prevent their body being robbed for medical science.


There has been many sightings of hooded figures spotted and that of a ghostly girl.

Joyce Dovie – A lady possessed

Article which mentions both Joyce and Susan

Many dont know but the actual graveyard is home for a monument for a lady named Joyce Dovie. It was proclaimed that she was possessed by the devil. It looks as if she may have been taken to London and had been brought back to the chapel. Listed in the below source states that crucifixes and crosses appeared in her breast and throat and the devil made them dissppear.;view=fulltext

Our Investigation

Outside the parish remains layed a offering of some sort on 4 bricks.

Around the Yew tree again there seems to be numberous offerings.

Throughout the whole night we heard walking around us. I did try to debunk this that it could be animals but when I used the thermal imager there wasnt any wildlife in sight.

Below is a recording of the walking we was hearing and captured on a EVP recorder.

I felt a child like present in the parish remains who seemed to react to my commands quite well and I felt they would not leave the ruins.

Under the yew tree, again walking was heard many times. Feelings of being watched felt. Strange animal sounds like pigs but on checking the surrounding fields there was none. Chrissie and Aimee and viewers both heard a scream.

We had darker replies on the Spirit box such as ‘DEMON’. Chrissie’s name was mentioned several times and what ever energy could be coming through didnt seem of a nice nature. Chrissie stated she felt fine throughout but did feel on high alert.

It was a very active night, where we did try to debunk several times and failed.

Google most definitely didnt seem to disappoint it was certainly a spooky graveyard…..

One viewer Dawn Dudleson sent us in this screenshot and yes even though it may simply be just the bushes…doesnt it also look like a skeleton?


Charlene Lowe Kemp

Our full investigation can be seen here.

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