My Apartment From Hell | True Story

So I had a little bit experience with the paranormal 18 years ago.

I just turned 18 and moved to Houston. I had just met my boyfriend Joe. We were young wild and free with no kids and decided to get our own space.

I took the first shitty apartment I was approved for. It was a 1 bedroom apartment in Channelview and I loved it because it was my first official place.

When we moved in on the first day our downstairs neighbors came up to introduce themselves. They asked when we moved in because it has been empty for a while and they always hear footsteps and activity coming from the apartment. We dismissed it and didn’t think anything of it.

That night as we layed on the floor in our sheets. My boyfriend had quickly fallen asleep and it was just me in my thoughts. Well that night, I heard heavy footsteps outside the bedroom door which ran all the way to where my head was. It scared the hell out of me that I had to wakeup my boyfriend. He said it was probably the neighbour on the other side.

As the weeks went by more things started happening. Even my boyfriend was noticing it too. Shadows running across the wall, closet doors being shut by themselves, feelings of being watched, doorknobs turning, even breathing in my ear.

Well fast forward to month 5 of that terror apartment. My boyfriend being the idiot that he was, got into some trouble in south Texas and couldn’t leave the county which was 6 hours away from our place.

So it was just me in that terrifying place, alone.

One night, I was getting ready for my nightshift at a local club as a cocktail waitress. I had one of those Hollywood bathrooms with the sink and mirror outside the bathroom area. As I was sitting on the sink plucking my eyebrows. I notice the mirror ripple, like it was made of water and someone touched it.
I froze.

Then all of a sudden I felt a force of being pushed and next thing I know I’m flat on my back. I tried to get up and i was unable to. I didnt have the strength and my breathing became impaired. I was gasping for air.

I looked to the door and crawled, gasping trying to muster all my strength to get the hell out of there. I finally made it to the door and it took everything I had to open the door. It wasn’t till I was at the bottom of the stairs that I was finally able to catch my breath and my strength came back after about 5 minutes of lying on the ground.

I never went back to that apartment. In fact, I left everything there and broke my lease.

I didnt even go back for my clothes.
I hadn’t experienced anything like that…..

Jennifer Flores

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