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The Mandela Effect and what is it? 
The Mandela Effect is a term used for a group of people, who all mis-remember the same detail, event or Physicality.

The Mandela Effect was named by paranormal enthusiast Fiona Broome in 2010 after she believed she describe remembering news coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death and even watched a speech from his widow about his death. Yet none of it happened. Fiona discovered she wasn’t the only one who wrongly believed Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s after she posted her memories of the event and thoughts on it, that many was reporting they too had memories of the same event that she decided to set up a site called http://mandelaeffect.com/.

Since then the Mandela effect has took the internet by storm with many people coming forward to share the same thoughts, events and memories (seeing it on TV,  hearing about it on the Radio or seeing it in the papers) even though in the archieves there is no evidence of such in reality. Some even claimed that they had learnt of Mandela’s death at school.

At this time Mandela was alive at the time and he actually died in December 2013. Three years later, after Fiona had voiced her memories if it.

Explaining the Mandela effect

There are many different theories to explain the Mandela Effect and when exploring research into the term can leave you some what mind blown!

The 3 most interesting theories I have found to explain this theory is that –

We are living in some kind of parellel universe as believed by Fiona Broome.

Lack of education 

Time travellers have gone back into time and have changed our present.

There is no simple explanation, our explanations on it would be down to is our own opinions on what is occuring, it is something that people have tried to explain and have reached their own conclusions on. Best thing to do, if you want to look into the theory more is to look up the 3 mentioned explanation theories above and come to your own conclusions on it.

I feel it is also important to mention that its believed that the bible makes reference to The Mandela Effect and this could also be another explaination on it. 

Some alleged examples of the Mandela Effect are quite easily debunked. If you grew up knowing the line from the Lord’s Prayer as ‘Forgive us our trespasses’ you may very well be taken in by a Youtubers conspiracy theory that the text has changed over night to ‘ Forgive us our debts’ and upon checking it, it will say ‘debts’, but after researching you will find thats theres always been different versions that have been favoured by different denominations.

Regardless of what conclusion you come to, its interesting to say the least! 

Here are some other examples of The Mandela Effect which some of us may be surprised to find out, that we too may have experienced the Mandela Effect.

Curious George never had a tail

People claim to remember seeing curious george use his own tail to swing from tree to tree but if you look up pictures of him now, you will find that he doesnt have a tail. 

No dash in Kit Kat

People remember the Kit Kat bar being spelt “Kit-Kat” with a dash, but there isnt one and the company has claimed that there was never one. This frustrates people who seem to think that at some point there was one. 

Forest Gump – Life isnt a box of chocolates

It seems that people confidently remember Forrest Gump saying that his “mama always said life is like a box of chocolates” well it turns out that what was actually said is ” Life was like a box of chocolates”.

Snow White – It never was ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’

One of the most famous and repeated lines and most rememebered from Snow White is ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’, It turns out the line is actually ‘Magic mirror on the Wall’  and following that many remember the second line to be ‘ Who is the fairest of them all?’ but nope wrong again its actually ‘ Who is the fairest one of all?’

‘Fruit Loops’ or ‘Froot Loops’

Many believe that orginally it was ‘Fruit Loops’ and then changed to ‘Froot Loops’ while others believe it went from ‘Froot Loops’ to ‘Fruit Loops’. Many believe this change happened during their childhood, while others noticed it in recent months, but regardless of what you believe if you look up the cereal or find a box you will see the name ‘Froot Loops’ printed across unless of course you are reading it in another dimension…..

I asked the Paranormal Hauntings Community if they had ever experienced the Mandela Effect and thought it would be good to document some of their encounters and some peoples explanations of it:

Aley Bell: You all probably remember ET’s famous line being “ET, phone home” right? NOPE! He said “ET, home phone.” You can watch the scene on YouTube. Super crazy!

Lyndsey Nicole: Same with Star Wars. Vader saying “Luke, I am your father” when it’s “No, I am your father”

Jeremy Jason Harris: I’ve got a personal one to share – I pretty clearly remember a friend announcing on Facebook that her father had died some years back. I think it stuck with me because I had had to block him about a year before that, after he became insulting to members of my family during what would have been a friendly debate but for him. Anyway, a few years later I saw him active on Facebook. My first thought was that it was perhaps a memorial profile, but it was actually him and I have no idea what happened except that perhaps I experienced quantum suicide somewhere in there.

Dee Tyler: Yes and it scares me. I remember talking about the challenger disaster in 1984. I was in fourth grade, in Ms. Cena’s class and she was excited because there was going to be the first female teacher in space. That part is important, because she was a female teacher.

We talked about what happened, my friend Josh Whiten made an inappropriate comment about how birds would eat the chunks of their bodies that landed, another kid named James was talking about some parody movie called “the wrong stuff” and we all prayed because it was a Christian school.

…then a week ago I learned that it happened in 1986 and that I’m not the only one who remembers it in 1984.

It scared me a lot and still does because I remember it so vividly. In 1986, I was at a public school with a male teacher. It happened in 1984 for me and there is no doubt about that, because we watched it live. That’s not the type of thing you forget……

Danielle Lynn Scarfo: A lot of things had to change because they may have got sued, like for example, Pets R US got sued by Toys R US and they changed it to Pets for U, that wasn’t good enough so they changed it to pet smart.. but none of that was in national news but it was in my local news. Not all things that got changed means it is some time travel thing.. just people have a problem with rights or love suing to get a pay day. So lot of things had to change and but they just didn’t announce it.

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  1. I can relate to so many Mandela Effect events/curiosities, including the titular, Mandela’s death. It freaks me out. One or two, sure, I simply misremembered something, but many events and many people? Weird for sure!

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