My Top 5 Best Methods Of SPIRIT Communication.

As paranormal investigators we are all looking for the best and most effective way of communicating with the afterlife, Whether you are a sceptic or a believer initially we are all still trying to find different ways and different methods to achieve this.

I have decided to list my top 5 ways of best ways to communicate, as always I am not saying that this is the best way I’m saying that in my opinion, it is. I also think its extremely important that when you are collecting evidence it is done correctly and you are looking at all the sides of the coin, because let’s remember guys we are trying to prove the existence of the afterlife and if this isn’t done correctly then how is it ever going to happen.

so at Number 1, EVPS Using a Recorder

I think the best kind of evidence you can collect is through a recorder, but only if you have searched the area for any contamination that may influence your recordings and have considered all these possible influences, for example, how far is the road from where you are? can traffic be heard? Is there any water dripping from anywhere? Is there any holes in the walls where noise could leak through?

The best places to capture EVPS is in a room where there is hardly any contamination, that way if you have caught something, it’s harder to explain. I would also advise that if you are conducting an EVP session to do it alone or with only 1 other person and to record on a camera your session. This way you can review back to the exact point in time if you have caught something and rule out that it was yourself or the other investigator, it also shows others that your evidence is more true and let’s be honest if you caught it on the recorder and the camera, you would be leaving a lot of sceptics stumped to what it could be. I would also advise doing only short bursts, so ask a question give it a while, stop recording, and so on this way, it will save a lot of time when reviewing.

If you are leaving a recorder in a room to conduct a session, then put a camera on it and the surroundings, because this then can back up that nobody was in the room etc. Also if you are leaving it in a locked-off room, only conduct the session for an hour maximum, this is going to be a lot easier on yourself when reviewing.

To analyse your EVPS a lot of people may use a software called Audacity, well what can I say about audacity, I think it’s brilliant for them EVPS that are whispered to enhance the sound on it (class B EVPs) so that you can hear it clearer, but I think it crosses a line when you pick something up, highlight it, put a ton of effects on it and make it fit. I think personally if you think you may have caught an EVP class C, it shouldn’t be touched, you could go into it yourself and see what is trying to be said and when you are back at the location where it was picked up, try and press the conversation on this again, but in terms of providing it as evidence, I wouldn’t. Am pretty sure that if I put a recorder in my kitchen, next to my fridge (which makes sounds) left it recording for a minute and reviewed this file in audacity and added a ton of effects to it to sound what I wanted it to say, then it would in some way, especially then if I influence you by telling you what I think it says beforehand. I will try this experiment out at some point to see if what I’m saying is correct.

The best EVP’S are caught when you are video recording the session, if its an EVP A OR B and you have used little or no effects on it at all in my opinion.

Never alter the bitrate of your recorder, some will tell you that by setting your recorder on a low recording setting it is picking up other sounds deeper from the environment. This is a complete lie, it is not. When you change the bitrate settings on a recorder all you are doing is slowing down the process of the recording being saved onto the device – it as nothing to do with the environment at all and what it’s recording. When you slow down the bitrate on a recorder, this distorts the file that is being saved and causes what sounds that could be misinterpreted as voices (if you want to experiment – turn the bit rate down, talk into the device or move slightly- you will hear either just before you speak/move or just after, sounds which could be heard as a voice. If this method worked for communication- turning the bitrate down, don’t you think scientists who study EVPs would be using it and we would be a bit closer to proving life after death? Research studies into EVPs advised using the higher quality settings on a recorder and if your true intentions are to collect evidence of the paranormal – You would be using methods that are based on best practice to put forward a strong argument in the defence for your evidence. 

at Number 2, Using your own senses

 What we experience and feel on an investigation is one of the best forms of communication and evidence you could have for yourself, even though it can’t necessarily be put across as evidence as it is only a personal experience, you know yourself how you are feeling, what you have seen, heard, smelt and felt and nobody can take that away from you. I think as long as you keep a level head, try to react calmly and think logical at times then you know what you have experienced is for real and like I say its evidence for yourself if it isn’t for anyone else.

At number 3, Mediumship

 I think it’s important to have a medium on any kind of investigation, it builds that energy needed to communicate, Many may say well mediums can influence an investigation, yes they can to a degree if you let them but if they connect to a spirit and build that bond then the results can be amazing to watch and experience. I think if you have a medium on your team, and you are going out to investigate then don’t let on to where you are going, this way you know they haven’t researched the location before the investigation and yes there is the doubt that they may know a little about the location beforehand but you know how they work and you know how genuine they are.

I do believe that at least one member of the team must research the location before investigating though to know exactly of the sightings, activity linked there and its history because when calling out this can be a good way of connecting and to some extent building that energy, sometimes mentioning past events that have been known there or people linked to the location as sometimes sparked some very good activity.


I always advise trying a good ghost app that states that it can communicate with spirit (spirit box apps), before downloading I would look at the reviews and look into the creator of the app to grasp an idea of what where they sit on regards to entertainment. This kind of equipment takes some slack but not all is for entertainment, there are some creators out there who are seriously passionate about the field. What I would suggest is don’t knock it until you have tried it. Are the creators to be trusted? who knows but this is moving forward and we are now able to know exactly what is being put into the banks, how it’s chopped up and in some cases, you can reverse it. It is quite known that when we have had our love ones die our phones have gone funny, the stereo starts playing up etc, lights flicker and bulbs are blown, I am a massive believer in that they can put their energy into using these things. We are an energy source so when we pass why wouldn’t we put our energy into another energy source? I think we are more technical minded these days, so when we pass just think of the evidence people may be producing, we would use these methods more because we know how to and would be less frightened too as we are familiar with it, Having used the Echovox myself it has produced some interesting results many times, which I can say has related to where I am or who i am with. The same with an SB7 spirit box, it has produced some interesting results, whether you believe it is just the radio or not, some of the words and sentences that come from these can fit to where you are, what you are doing and who you are with and the key is to get relevance. I think its a great energy builder and at least worth a try to at least try and communicate in some way.

Number 5 Conducting a Circle

Now not everyone will agree with this but in my personal experience, I have always found that more paranormal activity has happened when I have done a circle first when I say a circle I mean, all members of the team stood in a circle holding hands, placing protection over the group and calling out, introducing yourselves, reassuring that you mean no harm, you are there to communicate and you are there with respect. My biggest pet hate is provoking, I hate to hear it i really do, I just think to myself if spirits do exist they used to be human, would you speak to a person walking down the street like that no you wouldn’t, I can understand why people do, to gain a reaction, but in all honestly, everyone who I have seen do it hasn’t got a reaction and is left looking- Sorry, but in my opinion, a little foolish (even though after hearing it I have thought to myself, yes go on throw a brick at them it would serve them right, but that would be giving them what they want and I think if the spirit world exists it doesn’t work how it does here. More activity has happened when I have been with respectful investigators. Even if you are sceptical and do provoke just remember that ok you don’t believe, but have a bit of respect for the building and the people who have died there and its current owners, as walking around swearing, throwing things and shouting and taking the pure mickey out of those who lived there doesn’t look much good to anyone passing or watching.

I think doing a circle is a great energy builder and I think you can scatter your equipment round to see if anything will be set off and I think a lot is experienced on a more personal level.

My last piece of advice would be this if you haven’t got the equipment and you don’t want to use anything at all- other than yourself and a camera than just remember – If a place is genuinely haunted and something does want to make itself known, it will make itself known in any way it sees fit or can, whether that be by bangs, knocks or taps…. 

just be patient and not forgetting polite.

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