Callanish Standing Stones | History and Hauntings

Callanish Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis is one of Scotland’s most well-known stone circles, the stones were erected at the site between 2900 – 2600 BC and there is some evidence that earlier structures existed at the site previously.

This is the main circle and biggest circle on the isle of lewis but I noticed at least 7 more smaller stone circles around the island also named callanish, but was marked as callanish II… Canallish III etc.

Callanish is said to incorporate many astronomical alignments within its structure. Alexander Thom who investigated the site, found that the Southern stone alignment, points to the setting Midsummer full moon behind Mount Clisham.The stones are known as ‘Fir Bhreig’ which in Gaelic means ‘the false men’ and legend has it that the stones were giants that were turned into stone by St Kieran because they would not convert to Christianity.

The Callanish Standing Stones is a site I have been wanting to see for such a long time, to me it has the same striking look as Stone Henge. I said on the Facebook live I did here that before coming I felt nervous and anxious. I was unsure to why I felt that way and on looking on other sites I have since found I’ve not been the only one to say this with a website http://www.ghosteverything.com documenting:

‘What she has picked up as we made our way into the stones was a feeling of great anxiety and of fear …’

Why this is I don’t know… It feels an important site. Personally walking round I feel this was a major site for the Vikings at one time, which in history it is documented that it would have been used during when the Vikings settled, I just feel out of all its history, it was during this time that the circle played a more important and had more significate than any other points in time.I feel important decisions were made here and it once played a huge role in our history and I don’t think it may get as appreciated or as highly viewed or valued as some of the stone circles such as stone henge.

I also felt I could have a personal tie to this place, maybe in a past life? – I don’t know, my overall feeling wasn’t that I was visiting this place for the first time rather I was revisiting it after a long time.

Other legends
A shimmering apparition which is said to make it way down the Northern arm of the cross during the dawn of midsummer solstice with its appearance announced by the call of a cuckoo.Human remains were found within the centre circle, a skeleton, which initially was looked on as a sacrificial victim however the bones had traces of crush injury – it is more than likely the stone they had found him under had collapsed and mortally wound him.

Starving women of the surrounding village once had a dairy cow appear in front and disappear as this happened they heard a voice which told them to go to the stones at sunset. The women went and the cow reappeared allowing the starving women to take milk from it.

The most interesting thing for me was the energy of the place, I feel it could be a very mystical and powerful place at times. The centre Stone is huge and is most certainly a centre place for the circle with a stone walk way to it.

Lady imprinted on one of the stones?

What I found fascinating is the stone to the right of this looked as though over time the image of a lady now is marked upon it. This isn’t the first stone circle I’ve noticed such things, if you get close enough to Stone Henge there is a definite face on one of them, which I’m not sure if that’s been craved to appear that way or not. Meg and her Daughters stone circle located in the Lake district, is another circle, where meg the main focus of the circle appears to clearly look like a face by its structure. All three of the mentioned stone circles all have legends attached to them that they were once people who were casted to stone and each stone represents a person, so for them to have clear faces and facial structures makes me wonder how true the legend really is, or did this legend come to light because people could see these faces themselves? makes you wonder…..

Spirit Box Session

I did visit the stones twice in one day, it was too crowded to try and call out and make any kind of contact earlier in the day. The wind was quite strong, so those who watched the live or for those who may watch it as a reply may struggle to hear some of the catches I heard coming through at the time on the footage, but these are the ones I think are worth documenting:



I ask can you tell me what these stones was used for 1.58 PEOPLE

I ask what mysterious things happen here 2.17 DECISONS

2.43 A strange tone and voice comes over

I ask is this stone a portal 6.42 NO THIS IS


I ask have I been here before 7.28 SOME THINGS HAVE CHANGED

I ask what things have changed 7.36 DO TELL

I ask have I got connections to this site 9.00 GATHERINGS..I THINK SO

I say I was a bit nervous to come here today 9.46 PAIN

I say should I come back again 10.45 YOUR CHOICE


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