About a half-hour’s drive north of the Scottish city of Glasgow there’s a 19th century castle called Overtoun House.

In the 160 years it’s been around, the estate has served as a movie set, a maternity hospital and a place of recovery for Allied soldiers during WWII.

Its been named death bridge with over 50 dogs taking to the edge of the bridge to commit suicide. Owner report that their dogs go into a trance state and start behaving as if something as possessed them. In later year a logical explaination was given, that minx surrounds the site which dogs are extremely attracted too but it doesnt explain why do all the deaths occur between the same two parapets on the right side of the bridge? How come dogs don’t seem to jump off other bridges in Scotland — or anywhere else — that are near mink nests?

In 1994, a local Kevin Moy, threw his baby son off the bridge and later tried throwing himself off it has been reported.

David barrert message after my very short two lives here due to signal and battery drainage – to tell me a women haunts near the bridge, this would correspond with the responses i got towards the end of the live ….

Live responses

I hear dogs as the firsr live cuts off

1.18 COME

1.19 DOGS

1.41 DAY


I ask what upsets dogs in this area 3.11 EVIL


3.31 I WATCH

Between these times help is in the undertones and ermm

4.48 ITS HIM

Ladys voice heard


5.35 OOO

5.44 Helen.. 5.45 I crossed.. 1.47 I was a medic

I had a look abit further into who this lady could be and she is rumoured to be lady Overtoun and is known as the white lady of Overtoun. The story goes that this lady was a animal lover and she would often wander across the bridge with her dog. One day a figure lured this lady and her dog over the bridge to the edge and she and her dog leaped the bridge, over a 60ft drop resulting in both their deaths.

The house itself is also rumoured to be haunted by Lady Overtoun, even though in a interview the current owners dont feel it is. They stated that the white lady haunting first came about after a prank two locals did to passerbys of the bridge. They set up cable tie and pulled a white sheet across the bridge. However, they do feel angels come to visit the house and have even named one of the rooms ‘The Angel Room’ which displays paintings on the ceiling.

My thoughts…

Its interesting that it seemed I had a lady try and communicate with me towards the end of the live. This was just quick stop off as we was passing through and I actually hadnt had no time nor the signal to look up every detail of the bridge to know a lady rumoured to be behind why so many dogs feel the need to jump the bridge.

A simply google search only brings up the phonomenia assiocated with the dogs and a possible logical explaination for it being minx..

Do I think its minx that is the root cause why so many dogs have leaped to their death? I dont think so, minx surrounds many bridges in the UK so why is it only this bridge where dogs seem to be leap over in a trance like state – im not convinced – however logical the explaination may seem to some.

The whole place looks beautiful from the house to the woods but the whole area has a very oppressive and depressive feel to it. At one point I become slightly paranoid and start looking over my shoulder constantly. I knew nobody was there physically but I did feel if I didnt look something may have caught me off guard.


Pictures and written by Charlene Lowe Kemp – Paranormal Investigator

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  1. Just read your piece on The Overtoun Bridge. I am not convinced that it has anything to do with Minx or their nests. i think there is something more stranger? than the simple dogs chasing leaves mode. Dogs go into a trance. That should explain something not unless there is something hypnotic in the air on that part of the bridge.

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