Wombwell Woods | Gods Helmet / Ganzfled Experiment 2 – Visions Matched the Location!

For our second Experiment with the Gods Helmet and Ganzfeld experiment we wanted to do it a bit differently to the first. We had already experimented on the first to see if it did anything at all, our next experiment was to see if it did as many claim it to do – Enhance a psychic ability and for it to tally to the location.

We decided because Simon had already experienced something with the helmet, he would be good to use it on again to see if it would do this. We had told Simon that he would need to meet us at Aimee’s. When he got to Aimee’s, we blindfolded him and the only thing he did know was that it around 45 minutes from Aimee’s house. Our chosen location was Wombwell Woods. These woods are reported to be one of the Most Haunted Woods in the UK.
The aim of the second Gods Helmet / Ganzfeld experiment was to see if potentially it was enhancing a physic ability, the only way to do this was to take Simon to a location blindfolded, give him no details of the type of location we were going to or what area or what the haunting was meant to be of.
This time we also flooded Simons hearing with pure natural white noise to see if this made a difference.

History and Hauntings of Wombwell Woods.

William Byg (alias Lech) of Wombwell is credited with the first-ever recorded case of scrying in modern Europe. This confession was recorded on 22 August 1467. He was said to have earned a living by finding a stolen property with the help of his crystal ball for over a period of two years and was eventually charged with heresy.

Prehistoric activity in the Wombwell area is indicated by Mesolithic and Neolithic find spots and the possible ‘henge’ in Wombwell Wood. Iron Age and Romano-British field systems and settlements are visible in several parts of the Wombwell area as crop marks on aerial photographs, there is also evidence that indicates early medieval activity in the area and Romano-British settlements.
Recorded as ‘Wanbella’ in the 1086 Domesday survey, Wombwell may derive its name from the Old English element ‘wamb’, meaning a hollow, and means the well in the hollow.
The most-reported sighting here is that of a male apparition that looks like ”Guy Fawkes” and he is said to jump out on people as they walk through or drive past the woods. People have reported that the male has never shown his face, the most remembered feature as been hooded cape cloak which resembles that Guy Fawkes would have worn.
Bright balls of light have been reported here as well with no logical explanation for what they are. Some locals claim they have been attacked here by unforeseen entities and made to feel so faint they pass out. Shadow figures are another common sighting in the area too.
There are also stories of murders and suicides here also, the latest being on 2009 when a broken-hearted husband murdered his wife before killing himself with an electric drill after she ended their marriage on Facebook, an inquest has heard.

Electrical engineer Gary Grinhaff bludgeoned wife Tracey to death after she changed her Facebook status to ‘splitting up with husband.’ He then drove to nearby woods where he tried to kill himself in a number of different ways before finally succeeding.
Witchcraft /rituals and a coven have also been reported here. Witches are normally picked up spiritually in certain areas.

UFO sightings.
Simons Thoughts
‘Last night’s experiment involved me driving to Aimee’s house where I would be blindfolded and taken to an unknown location by Charlene and Aimee.

Read the previous experiments writeup for information on what the items I am wearing are deemed to simulate or enhance.

Obviously now with the non-existence ability to see, your ears are now the main choice of sensory perception. As I was travelling in the back of the car I could hear cars overtaking so it’s pretty obvious to presume we were travelling along a motorway as I know Charlene tends to be a middle lane hogger, it was obvious we weren’t on a dual carriageway lol.. although which direction and ultimate destination – I had no idea off.

Upon reaching the destination I was aware we were travelling downhill slightly before we came to a stop, and there were people around, as I could hear motorbikes, etc, After briefly waiting for them Chrissie arrived in a separate car.

Chrissie began taking me from the car, I heard someone go by on a bicycle. After what seemed a fair walk, we finally stopped and I was sat in a chair.

Setting the experiment up seemed fairly swift and hassle-free. The white noise was different from the first experiment, and was so loud I asked if we could change it as I couldn’t even focus through it. The pulsing red light seemed much more intense as well, maybe it was closer to my face. After turning to the volume down on the white noise a bit and looking over the red pulsing light or towards the side of it slightly it seemed less distracting.
The first thing that came to my vision was a UFO. I didn’t say anything as this was literally straight away; I thought to myself I cannot say this as it sounds absurd to straight away blurt out aliens or UFOs and am going to look a twat if I say this now. I took it that that were rumours that this was an area of activity or sightings.
I quickly came aware of a figure with a hood, he was looking down into a fire, the fire was in what I can only describe as a sort of bin, it had vertical metal struts, and legs, then there was an object inside it which contained the fire. I couldn’t see these characters face and I described him at the time as the character out of Assassin’s Creed. He actually looked like the weeping monk from Netflix’s Cursed.. I think that’s what its called.
I had an image of water, however, it was a stream under a bridge.
I initially saw rope in the trees, I thought at first it could have been a swing, but there was no wood connecting the swings together, I later saw a noose… I took that that the area has had suicides of some description.
I also picked up that offerings and rituals were performed in the area as well.

All this time I felt that many people were around, hiding behind trees, I later counted this as 6-7 women dressed in white with long black hair, they were linked to the ‘weeping monk’ figure… However, he was the instigator of whatever went on there.

I had a vision of the two-headed man… on the way home I searched for his image. I believe someone in the live did comment he was a lord.
The image I was referring to was that of Edward Mordake.. Google him for his image, and information. After seeing that image around possibly a minute later I said “two-faced” That’s what I believe this “weeping monk” was. Capable of good and evil.

Other items I saw were the picture of what looked almost like the Leeds emblem .. the crown flower/rose thing.. it might not have anything to do with Leeds. It’s just where I have seen something similar…
A sun, with exaggerated curved short rays :

A sword, with two snakes, intertwined around each other and down the blade… or staff. whatever it was, the heads near the handle were facing each other.

I saw what looked like a mound.. there was some kind of trophy on it, it wasn’t a grave, it was more like a power status object.
The last object I saw was a cross, it kept moving around my vision, and finally sort of rested above this mound, and was spinning like something out of a computer game. It was sort of morphing into a knight’s templar object… but wasn’t!
The main vision was of the ‘weeping monk’ figure. He was there throughout the whole experience.
I think I was wearing the helmet for around 45, it did seem like 45 minutes this time, and was relieved when it ended, was exhausted for around 20 minutes afterwards.’

I don’t think the experiment could have gone any better if I’m honest. I can hand of heart say Simon was completely clueless to where we were going and we never made any suggestions to where we were going either.

The first visions he saw was of this weeping monk which if you compare pictures with guy Fawkes, the hooded cloak is exactly the same.

The sword could represent medieval times or even roman times here. He also saw a coven of witches which is a rift report here but the main thing for us was,

Did he see the haunting rumoured here, yes he did!

Does this mean that the helmet is enhancing a psychic ability? We obviously cant state 100% yes but its indeed provided a very interesting argument that yes it could be.

Next planned experiments will be to try on people out of the team and out of our circle of friends.

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