We Explored and Investigated one of the Biggest Abandoned Morgue/Autopsy Rooms We Have seen to this Day!

We don’t want to get too much information on where this morgue is but I can confirm it is apart of a hospital and was shut in 2012 and is looking at being demolished. I’m pleased to say that even though the 3 mortuary tables are now not in place it is still in a good state of decay, with the organ scales still being in place, the viewing gallery and fridge after fridge for storage.

Here is Simons explore of this spot in the day.


Personally for me it was one of the most emotional places I think I’ve ever visited. You go to somewhere like this and probably expect to feel extremely creeped out and it to feel eerie but it actually didn’t,it just made me want to to cry. Simon felt very little but Aimee said she felt numb.

Maybe it was the realization of mortality that made me feel so emotional or maybe it was the body fridges at the back where I had visualisations of people being stored there after dying in horrific circumstances, I simply don’t know.

Immediately I felt a lady was present in the chapel of rest area, a area just at the back of the fridges that had rollers on the table for the body tray to simply just be rolled out, I’m assuming for most cases for identification. At the side of this was a viewing booth where families, police etc would have remained in order to view the body as people wouldn’t have been allowed in the room incase the body was tempered with in any way.

We had rem pod activity in this area as I was feeling this lady near, we tried to debunk this but we came to the conclusion by the end that it could have been paranormal.

There is shutters that do rattle in the wind here which sounds as if someone is trying to get in but it is simply just wind hitting the shutters.

There was certain bangs within the actual autopsy room which did appear to not be from the environment and we get capture a Evp which sounded like breaths.

We ended with a spirit box session back in the chapel of rest where I felt we needed to ask if any one needed help, we did recieve a very clear reply saying ‘help’, so I proceeded to do the best I could to open the door for who ever it was to pass through to the light if they needed to. I don’t claim to know where we go when we die, if we go somewhere at all, which I do personally believe we do, but when you get a response on command to what you have asked, it only felt right to try and at least do as I had promised.

To watch the full live investigation, click the video below:

After the live we did have a interesting screenshot sent to us which appeared to us to look like a man’s head.

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