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Over the side of a railway bridge in full view is these locos, which lay on a section of the disused track.. Am guessing its a restoration yard.. No, the trains haven’t been vandalised.. its pure nature that is reclaiming these locos.

Will they ever be restored? Well… after having a word with someone in the know this loco seems to be the joke of the restoration world. One forum user wrote a few years back:

From what I understand from another forum the loco is for sale for 1 pound complete with free asbestos. So do you have the resources to pay for decontamination on-site 10k+, transport 7-10 k, access to an undercover restoration facility, and basically an open chequebook for the restoration? If the answer is “no” and it’s just another WIBN then the kindest thing is to put the poor beast out of its misery. After all, does the preservation world really need another 47, 45, 08, 31, or 37 for that matter)? There seems to be an idea within a certain section of the ‘enthusiast’ community that we should try to ‘save’ everything. My philosophy has always been that we should strive for quality rather than quantity and it has been the purchase of locos and rolling stock, by individuals and groups who do not have the resources to restore them, that have created these “linear scrapyards” in the first place. The time, effort, and cash wasted on no-hopers such as this loco would be much better spent on building covered accommodation to prevent what is restorable from deteriorating past the point of no return.

Please look at the latter images for the carriages etc..
Note: All identification marks have been removed

Simon Wilson

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