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Cheadle Royal Hospital, formerly known as the Manchester Royal Lunatic Asylum, was first instituted in September, 1763 and was completed in 1765.

It was not built for the intention of pauper patients, but for those of the middle class of the community in reduced circumstances and continued to serve as so until 1844.

In 1844 it was decided that land would be brought to extend to a ‘South Wing’ and on the ‘South Wing’ this would house both males and females occupants. On the south side would have been males and on the north side females. The architecture is typical Elizabethan and also consisted of governors apartments to the back area, a kitchen,3 corridors, 4 wings, a chapel and refractory wards.

A matron was appointed named Mrs Dickson and she used would have resided in house for the more convalescent patients.

As of 2010, the majority of the original site became part of the Priory Group, which offers comprehensive inpatient mental health services. One building, known locally as ‘South House’ has been left abandoned.

Not a lot has been known about the ‘South house’ that I can see online but with a bit of researching today, Gina Marshall as been able to find it and here is a newspaper article which details its build.

Information confirming that the south wing housed male patients, this is the part of the building that remains.


Very little is documentated on the Hauntings here but from what I can gather from some sources, it is believed it to be haunted by a previous patient named ‘Old Jack’, numberous teams have made reference to Jack in their videos and I can only assume its local legend that he haunts this area.

Visitors to the site have reported witnessing strange activity and noises being heard coming from the building.

Based on our investigation here and that of one other team I have seen visit here, ‘Old Jack’ could very well be sadly lingering around here aswell a nurse.

On simons first visit here I was sure he had captured a ladies voice within his footage, I didn’t include these voices because we could not be 100% sure it wasn’t Rachel talking in the background who had visited with Simon.

When doing the footage, I most certainly felt a lady who was a nurse was there with him and had stated this to him, we decided to visit on the following Thursday.

It was rather a emotional investigation for myself, I believe we made contact with Jack and I also believe a lady was present at times around him. We had some very intelligent replies via the spirit box with it even saying the name Jack and what followed was very intelligent commands when I asked if he was present to come and walk past the music motion trigger box we had placed down the corridor.

Since then, I seen footage posted by another team, who had visited previously to me. Their summary of their investigation was that they had also made contact with Jack and also believed a lady who was a nurse was with him at times.

We had conversations about this and their investigation and it was amazing to find out that both of us felt the same after visiting and that was that, Jack was a kind soul, whose behaviour may have seemed threatening at times to people but he never actually did any harm, his behaviour in adult life was very child like and such behaviour and his disability during the time he stayed here, may have not been understood completely. We both said we felt he was a misunderstood soul.

However, the nurse we felt was here, who sometimes came in with him, could act controlling, would undermined him and treat him as if he was nothing.

This is nothing more than what we feel and no way shape or form proof that indeed Cheadle asylum is haunted, but what interests me is why at least 3 teams on 3 different occasions have felt exactly the same here.

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