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Just before lockdown I decided to buy a motion Music Trigger box after seeing quite a few people comment about how good they were.

Last week, myself and Simon decided to head to Cheadle asylum for a investigation. I took the box along and I’m very glad we did.

From the off would seem that we had something interacting with it.

There is nothing as creepy than sat In asylum asking for ghost to walk pass you to trigger this device and then something actually does trigger it and the old music box tune starts playing….all I can say is chillsssss…..

The Musical Box has a PIR movement sensor offering a range of up to 1M, but experimenting with it id say abit less, you have to be right next to it to trigger it and wave a arm over the sensor for it to trigger. Infraready will give you the choice of which antiques box you want and each play 18 separate notes will play 15 seconds.  The duration of the melody can be increased if desired by simply adjusting a small rotary switch but experimenting with it id say 15 seconds is roughly the right amount of time as if something is stood over it then it will continue to play so its easier to count the 15 seconds to recognise if this is happening.

On our investigation the tune of the box was also slowed down at one point. It makes me wonder if something was not just triggering the box but also adjusting the mechanics of the device which made it play for longer at one point.

Perfect bit of kit

This is a absolutely ideal piece of kit, the device would be easily recognisable to a spirit and some may even remember the music box tune from when they was alive either as a child playing with a jewellery box or having when in their later years as the tune is a fairly common tune used within jewellery boxes.

Below is a video clip from our investigation of it triggering and how we used it. At other points in our investigation it also seemed to trigger but this certain clip seemed to capture the best interaction of the night.

The Motion Music box is £80 to buy one and is available from Infraready’s site below

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