Last week, Rachel and I ventured to the 1.5 million pound mansion deemed Sally’s Mansion.

This is a large 14 bedroom, late Victorian detached house constructed in pink sandstone with Kerridge stone quoins and welsh slate roof. The house itself is set in 1.6 acres of land, with a variety of outbuildings, garages, large garden and has recently been on the market for a cool £1.5 million.

The location is also known as ‘Sally’s House’ and has caused a few paranormal teams to dub this, the most haunted house in England. I am guessing its called Sally’s House due to the number of references to a ‘Sally’ on the walls.

There is no evidence that I know that deems the house to be haunted..and no known owners have been called Sally, we can only conclude that this could have been based on a famous haunting in Somerset called ‘Sally in the woods’, which doesn’t connect to this location at all.

Previous owners..

Research by Gina Marshall

Alot of Urbexers say that Beech Knoll was built on land that was owned by the Brocklehurst family.

John Brocklehurst bought a lot of land in the area including Beech Lane, so their claim could actually be correct. John Brocklehurst was a huge silk manufacturer & Member of Parliament.

1st available census for Beech knoll, was 1881 2 families were residing here…either the house was originally split into 2 to 3 separate premises, or rooms were rented out to families.

Abraham Williamson Stone merchant employing 42 men & boys lived here with his wife and 8 children, 1 servant.

Also listed for 1881 is Elizabeth Broome 2 children & a servant. Elizibeth is described as an Annuitant (Recieves regular payments)

In the 1883 Pharmacy year book, Mr R Thomas is registered at this address. Richard Thomas had died in 1903 in London

From newspaper ADVERTS from 1886 we can see that there are Ads for various servants in the name of Woodhouse.

In 1886 a newspaper Orbituary reveals that Harold Dixon had lived & died at Beech knoll.

The 1891 census reveals the 2 families living here:

George Henry Heath, his wife Fanny, 6 children & 2 servants. George is listed as a Silk throwster.

William Woodhouse, wife, 4 children & 3 servants. William is listed as an Insurance agent.

1901 tells us the same previous tennants were occupants at Beech Knoll.

1906 George Henry Heath is listed in the Kelly’s directory at this address.
1909 Electoral roll reveals that George Henry Heath is still resident at Beech Knoll.

By 1911 2 new families were residents Ernest Whittington(transcribed incorrectly as Whillington) wife, 3 children & 2 servants. Ernest listed as
an Incorporated accountant.

Mary Leech, son Benjamin & 2 servants. Mary listed as Dyer & finisher.

In 1914 an Advert is placed in the newspaper to Let Beech knoll, described as 6 bedrooms.

1914 Kelly’s Directory lists Ernest Whittington still residing at Beech Knoll.

The 1923 Kelly’s Directory lists Benjamin Leech (Marys son) also still listed here.

1934 Kelly’s directory lists Gordon Oliver at Beech Knoll & a newspaper report of Burgulary confirms they are

By 1939 there is only 1 family listed residing at Beech Knoll Percy G S Oliver, wife & 2 children. Percy is described as manager cotton spinning.

A newspaper advert for a cook in 1946 reveals that Gordon Oliver (Percy Gordon S Oliver) was still at Beech Knoll.

In 2019 The house was sold and its how you see it today.

It’s condition..

Obviously, there is a large number of windows missing which causes the wind at times to rush through the house causing doors to slam, some less experienced investigators here may not realise this can happen, but some more experienced can also use this form of trickery of paranormal proof.

The future of the house is diminishing daily due to the amount of traffic it is now receiving… As we were upstairs a huge gang of lads was venturing towards it.. they didn’t make it into the house and am not too sure if the next-door neighbour caught them as they were making a huge amount of noise.

There is also a video on youtube from Exploring With Tom from Oct 2019 that shows them smashing the place up.

Sadly not that much left to photograph as very dark inside, and wrecked… but enjoy the images.

Footage of the explore can be seen below

Simon Wilson, Charlene Lowe Kemp and Gina Marshall

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