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Rachel and I visited the old Stanley Tools building that was used as the zombie Infection. A site that been abandoned for many years with urban explorers and paranormal investigators including event teams exploring and visiting it weekly.

Stanley Tools has been in the Sheffield area since 1937 when it took over the Chapman Brace and Drill Factory. Further sites were opened in Ecclesfield and Hellaby, but in the early 2000s, all production was moved to Hellaby.

Not a lot to report – it is nearly now a an empty shell of a building with some hospital beds (used for the zombie infection) and thousands of tyres that have been taken off vehicles.

Not many images as not a lot to take anything of apart from some cool graffiti.

Hauntings as told by simply ghost nights

The ghost of a former cook from the canteen been spotted on a couple of occasions and the sound of men chattering from empty rooms and on further inspection no one was in the room. Incarnate footsteps have also been noted before from the floors above of the empty building. 

The most famous sighting is that of a tall thin man who is said to roam the whole site as if patrolling the grounds. 

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