Things to Make during the Pandemic | Mandala Stones – Make your own

The word ‘mandala’ comes from Sanskirt and means ‘circle’. Traditional mandalas show a square enclosed within a circle. These are mystical symbols of the universe representing life itself. Native Americans,  Tibetans and people from many other cultures created mandalas. Hindus and Buddhists use them as forms of meditation aids. Today the word mandala can refer to any geometric pattern inspired by these ancient symbols.

Creating  Mandala stone is a wonderful way to pass a few hours. The act of painting them can be relaxing and therapeutic, very much like meditation.


The best stones to create mandalas on are smooth and free from cracks or holes. These could be found on your daily exercise or if you are shielding, you will need to buy paints and paint dotting tools, such as in the link below

Simple patterns can be found online to trial out, just google mandala patterns and if you are struggling to pay for dotting tools there is things around the house you can use which will have the same effect. The video below shows how :

If you don’t want to buy everything separate, starter kits are cheap enough to buy, such as the kit below.

If you are at home, stuck for something to do and need a few hours off social media, these are the perfect thing to do.

Have fun with them and Enjoy!


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