5 Ghost stories 2020 submitted by you- Our Readers for Lockdown

I’m always truly grateful and fascinated when Our paranormal Hauntings members post their personal ghost stories, so I thought to keep some of us occupied for lockdown I would post up today and over the next few days a few of these shared stories.


Our beloved family dog Bobby was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 at the age of 7yrs, so instead of prolonging his agony we decided to have him put to sleep on 21st December. I bought a new iPhone 2 weeks later and was messing about with the camera and manage to capture this picture but didn’t realise until I was going through my photos that I think I may have captured him still with us after passing….

Here, I have inserted a picture of what he looked like in life next to the picture I captured.

Sender: Linda Fulton

Lilith the Goddess of Demons

Seven years ago I was living at the New Mill Motel in New Milford Illinois and one night I couldn’t sleep and I was creeped out so I got up to turn my video recorder on to see if I could catch any ghost activity on camera.

While I was turning my video recorder on a spirt entity pressed its self up against me and said “I’m Lilith the Goddess of Demons” She was the coldest thing Iv ever felt in my life, million times colder then ice. I ignored her and turned on my video recorder and then I walked around my motel room for about fifteen minutes.

When I played back the video I was just standing in the middle of my motel room looking creepy and then I started walking backwards faster then the speed of light and then I disappeared on camera and then reappeared. I later googled Lilith and found out that she was a famous demon.

Sender: Anonymous

Something used to change into family members!

One day at my grandmas, I was sitting alone in the house. My grandma went to do yard work and my grandfather was at work. So I sat in the couch, watching cartoons. I was around 10 at the time and was spending the night there.

As I watched cartoons I began to hear something form inside the bedroom, so immediately I got up, I was supposed to be alone inside the house. I headed towards the bedroom and saw my grandmother. Bend over to get into the bottom of her dresser. I was so confused because she was supposed to be outside.

So I called out ‘Grandma? When did you come inside?’ No reply. It ignored me. That’s when I realised this wasn’t my grandma. She doesn’t ignore me. I immediately rushed outside, to see my grandma planting flowers.

This wasn’t my last time seeing this thing.

Skip forward four more years. I’m 14, and I’m staying with my sisters and cousins at my grandmas. It was night time and my sister and I had to share the bed with my grandma as they didn’t have much more room for us.

We didn’t care, we were pretty comfortable. We laid in bed, asleep, I was at the end of the bed, as my sister was in the middle. I wake up, hearing something at the door, it was around 1:45 am when this happen. I look over and see my little cousin, Jone standing at the door, staring at us. I stared back half asleep, and asked . “Jone it’s 1 am, what’s wrong?” No reply but he did come closer. Suddenly, this THING changed into my grandfather! I was horrified and just stared, it came closer… and it changed again… this time into Jone’s father, I was again too scared to move and just stared at it… it did it again, changing into my family members, until it got too close and I ended up screaming.

My sister and grandmother bolted up from the bed and turned the lights on. It… disappeared.

The thing that was terrifying me disappeared. To say the least, I forced my sister to the end of the bed and went to sleep in the middle.

I always felt things at my grandma’s. Mostly in her room, and the living room. In fact my older cousin and I, had this thing that would terrorise us in our dreams, when we slept in the living room. It got so bad that we refused to sleep there. I don’t know what this thing is, that likes to terrorise kids in there dreams, and when they’re awake, but I am not a fan.

Sender: Taylor Lexi

Woken by a lady…

When I was around 6 years old I was sleeping and I woke up and a women with a white dress and dark hair was sitting in the corner of my room watching me sleep. I thought it was my mother.

I called out mommy the woman reached out to me smiling. I called out again my mother came in my room with a house coat on and curlers in her hair asking me what I wanted? I looked over and the woman was gone.

Years later I heard stories of a woman that was haunting a house two houses away from mine. They had a problem selling the property. The house is torn down and the property is still unable to sell. I always wonder our house and the neighbours had experienced the same thing?

Sender: Margaret A Kalish

The Domestic Ghost

We lived in a very old Victorian in Southern GA, right on a lake. I got a Sims expansion for Christmas one year. I was young at the time and it was bedtime, but I REALLY wanted to play it. So I snuck down to the basement/garage of our house which had a room with my computer and and consoles in, it was basically a play room, and I played till about 2-3 am.

I started to hear footsteps upstairs, clear as day, and thought for sure it was my mom. She could be quite a night owl. It was weird though because it sounded like they were going in circles. I had to sneak back up to my room so I couldn’t use the inside stairs. I decided to go outside and up the stairs that led to the back porch, which led to a screened in sunroom and then the kitchen.

I was about to pass the window that’s sits over our sink when I saw a pair of arms over it. Like someone standing at the sink with their weight on their arms and their arms on the sides of the sink. I was surprised and jumped back again thinking it was my mum, but the hands were really pale, almost blue, and within a second or two I look back and they’re gone and no one was in the room.

I sneaked back in successfully and went up the stairs. I could see my parents room and both of them were dead asleep in their bed. This was all within a few minutes so it’s unlikely my parents went downstairs and walked around in circles and stood by the sink then rushed back up the stairs and went to sleep. I knew something weird had happened.

That wasn’t the only thing that happened in that house. It was just the thing I remember most. But we had footsteps going up and down the stairs at all hours of the night. Something moving objects in my room while no one was home. The house definitely was spooky.

Sender: Jessica Kilp

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