A Death Bed Visitation and What we know about them

My family home has always been owned by my family, my mum was born in it along with her 8 brothers and sisters, from a religious catholic family. I was around 8 when I found out my gran was dying of blood cancer she was in her 80s and was given 6months to live.

I remember the day we moved in to look after my gran and can remember my mum caring for my gran as she got more ill, it was 2 yrs later that the time had come. The family to was called as my gran had only days to live. She was no pain in the last few days and was stating she could see her mum and dad and spoke out to them. When she finally passed, I had been told by my mum and family that the clocks stopped in the house, like a marking of her death….

Am writing this as a comfort that I believe in our time of death our passed family members are waiting to take us across the white light or what ever it is we go when we cross over to the spirit world.

I hope anyone reading this it helps you or you can relate due to witnessing also a love claiming to see their passed love ones when their final day as come.

David Barrett

Charlene Lowe KempWhat do we Know about Death bed Visitations? 

Death bed visitations are not just things made up in films and stories, they are pretty common and the witness reports from across the world from different nationalities, religions, and cultures all show some very similar traits.

Over the years various studies have been conducted on death bed visitations and it is thought that only about 10 percent of dying people are conscious shortly before their deaths. But of this 10 percent, it is estimated, between 50 and 60 percent of them experience these visions. The visions only seem to last about five minutes and are seen mostly by people who approach death gradually, such as those suffering from life-threatening injuries or terminal illnesses.

Can they be explained?

They can to a degree, such as the effects a dying brain can have on a person and what medication that person is on, but some studies have shown that visitations can occur even when a person is not on any medication at all. The fact is we will never truly know if these visitations are truly paranormal or not.

The Best evidence Recorded for a death bed visitation

Two cases that is classed as some of the best evidence to support a death bed visitations was documented in the February 1904 edition of Journal of the Society for Psychic Research. In this jornaal  it details a apparition that was seen by a dying woman, Harriet Pearson. Her three relatives who were in the room also see the apparition and two witnesses in attendance of a dying young boy independently claimed to see the spirit of his mother at his bedside.



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