Visited by a Ghostly Neighbour | True Ghost Story

Back in the1980’s, when I was but a carefree girl, I began to regularly see the shape of a person at the top of our stairs. At first I was unconcerned as I presumed it was my mum, home from her merchandising job that I’d caught a glimpse of crossing the landing, although I did wonder why she never returned my cheery greeting. One evening after spotting the small figure in the overall disappearing into my bedroom I called out asking what she was doing in my room, imagine then my surprise when my mum answered from behind me!!

I explained to mum what I witnessed and instead of laughing it off she confessed she’d also experienced the figure, both climbing the stairs and standing in her bedroom. We began speculating who or what she could possibly be, mum concluded it was possibly our old next door neighbour haunting the wrong house. She visited us regularly over the years but we never felt frightened or worried by her presence as she never seemed aware of us or tried to interact.
After telling my friends about my spectral house guest I was shocked to learn they too had seen her, many times when they knew our house was empty they had seen an old lady at the front upstairs window watching them play ~ but rather than being unaware of my chums the lady often waved at them.
My mother still lives in that house and is often shaken gently awake by unseen hands!

The feature above is the house.
Sender: Deborah Contessa – Blackpool Lancashire UK

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