A Scottish Christmas Haunting

Aberdeenshire – Leith Hall, built in the mid 17th century and the home of the Leith-Hay family for close to three centuries it is an impressive country house built on the grounds of a medieval Peill Castle. This old property comes with plenty of history and stories of past but it also comes with a haunting report.

One guest has reported to see a full apparition at the foot of the bed, the spirit looked to be in great pain, dirty with a bloodied bandage around his head. Other guests including writers have stayed at this property and reported paranormal phenomenon.

The paranormal activity around these events are said to be connected to a Laird that used to live at the house Laird John Leith III. One guest a novelist Elizabeth Byrd in 1968 on July the 16th spotted an apparition in one of the bedrooms, Elizabeth was shown a portrait of Leith and she said it resembled the apparition she saw that night.

So why would Laird John Leith III haunt this hall?

It is said he was out having a few to drink a few days before Christmas in a tavern in Aberdeen where he found himself in a argument after a chap insulted John by saying the grain produced at his Hall was adulterated. This argument led to a duel and to a very nasty wound to John`s head. He did not die straight away he was taken back to his hall where he later died on Christmas day. The chap responsible for his death James Abernathy left the country to become an outlawed murderer and with that never faced justice.

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