After watching series 1 of American Gods apart from all the myths and legends we could look at first the one thing that stuck in my mind was, is the house on the rock real?

At the end of the first series most of the main characters are all in one location called The House On The Rock where Wednesday takes Shadow to meet the old and new gods.

After seeing this episode I wondered if this house existed so I decided to have a look online and what I found out about this place makes me want to visit.

The House On The Rock opened in 1959 and is a Japanese styled house designed by Alex Jordan Jr. This house sits surrounded by forest sitting on the top of a rock column, the building has  encountered additions over the decades and now hosts many interesting attractions. Inside you can find a re-created American town, a large jukebox collection, the worlds largest indoor carousel, many preserved animals and a large collection of Santa Claus models among other very interesting and curious attractions.


One amazing feature of the House On The Rock is a room that sticks out from the main building and the rock column it sits on for over 200 feet, christened the infinity room for its bridge like construction of 3000 windows giving visitors astonishingly impressive views while looking infinite to the eye.



At night the house turns into a haunted house with dimly lit creepy dolls along with some of the more odd and creepy objects and attractions they have. There have also been reports of ghostly sightings around the premises with one of the spirits said to be Alex Jordan Jr himself as he roams the property especially the parts of the house that were part of the original building. There is also reports of other sightings around the premises with one been reported in the re-constructed American town.

John Williams

2 thoughts on “AMERICAN GOD’S – THE Haunted ‘HOUSE ON THE ROCK’

  1. My wife and I visited House of the Rock this weekend for the first time, an anniversary gift to each other. It did not disappoint in any way, living up to its reputation as an ambitious and unique work of art. . . . I stopped to take an iphone photo of my wife on one of the upper walkways in the Organ Room. While staring into the screen ready to snap the pic, I saw/felt a person wearing red coming down the walkway towards us, other guests approaching during photos is common in the House. I stopped to let them through, but when I took my eyes away from the screen there was no one there. The figure was only really out of the corner of my eye anyway, so I didn’t think much of it and went ahead and took the pic. Did the photo contain a ghostly figure in red? No, but it most definitely had a large bright orb. . . . Not saying anything otherworldly occurred, but it’s a fun and spooky (and 100% true) story in a fun and spooky place.

  2. I can feel spirit, we felt elated joy in the original house, by the kitchen. I think it was the owner. The in the organ room, I could not get out of there fast enough. I felt trapped, heavy. Nope Nope Nope.

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