When is best to Investigate : Day or Night?

Its often asked why paranormal investigations are conducted at night and its very clear that at night in dark conditions it is more likely you will be able to pick up on faint appearances of light, for instance your more likely to pick up on an orb or a white outline due to the dark of night rather than the light of day. But is light the only factor? Is there any other factors that could determine the appearance of spirit in the day or night?

There is always the chance that some spirits when alive would have had a favorite location doing something they loved at certain times of the day and these could have been day or night. But as we know nothing for certain about spirits (scientifically) what if there is no choice for the spirits to appear whenever they want, what if they have to follow some natural sciences when appearances are concerned.

Changing Energies

While researching the subject of Ley lines, one section we looked at concerned the earths natural resonance called the Schumann frequency (this section can be found Here) which is a frequency range from around 0 Hz to 50 Hz and exists between the ground and the upper atmosphere. So if spirits are a form of energy then this natural energy one way or another could play a large part on whether some spirits can or can not push through and make themselves known. Better still this frequency is different dependent on whether conditions, seasonal times of the year and even the time of the day, possibly down to the hour.

In the same section where we looked at Schumann frequencies we also looked at Telluric Currents that are electric currents that travel on the surface of the earth and underground and are a result of natural and man made activities. Again this is energy and without fully understanding the science of spirit this could have an effect on spirit and its appearance. Another thing to note is the hourly changes of the Schumann frequency may also interact with Telluric Currents hence an overall effect controlled by the time of day. One major thing to note is depending on night or day depends on the direction of the Telluric Currents and this could be a major key for some spirits reaching us according to some as during the day the currents run from the Earths poles to the equator and reverse during the night. This apparently could be a mechanism that opens up pathways to spirits in different states (earth bound or other).

What about us

So far we have looked at environmental reasons for the detection of spirit but there may also be another factor and that could lay with the person wanting to receive spirit.

The human body goes through a daily cycle that effects our blood pressure, hormone secretion, alertness, coordination, reactions, body temperature and sleep called the Circadian Rhythm. With this in mind and coupling it with your emotional state and mood there could be a good chance that at certain times of the day your just not open to receive. In the end sometimes when your not alert enough you miss things or when your in a certain mood there is some living people you just do not want to be around so when it comes to possible spirit energy the state your mind and body is in might not be compatible and you might just not be on the same wave length. One thing I will be looking at is fasting and the effect it has on the Circadian Rhythm and whether or not if this has anything to do with the fact a lot of religious activities require the practitioner to fast. I have read about fasting before prayer, spells, initiations and not eating 8 hours before conducting acts of medium-ship, is this to condition the Circadian and metabolic rhythm that could alter you alertness and perception?

On conclusion to this, there is to me a lot more to consider and experiment with when searching for signs of spirit at different times of the day and without knowing the true nature of spirit we can not rule out any of these factors from having an effect. In some practices and within the occult there is hourly, daily and yearly timings for practicing certain spells, rituals or for the contact of certain spirits and these are old practices, maybe they knew about the effects and importance of the time of day and the fact that the difference between night and day is not just light.

John Williams

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