Cadeby Tunnel – More to the Tale than the Mexbough Ragger

Two weeks ago we decided to revisit Cadeby tunnel located in Mexborough, Doncaster. We did a live investigation and at the point of finishing the live and saying a crossing over prayer, a man appeared from the brushes at the side of the lay by, pointed a torch into our faces and stated he was from yorkshire police, he then approached our cars and seem to vanish into thin air.

We scanned the area and we couldn’t see anyone, we then went in our cars to check the road leading up to the housing estate to see if any cars was parked up and there wasn’t. We wasn’t really sure to go live about what we had seen, but we did because we decided we wanted to update our audience on what had just happened.

Here is this live:

The sheffield Star and Doncaster free press both decided to report on what happened to us, stating we had seen a ghost of a policeman, as investigators we are not 100% sure what we seen. There is a possibility we seen a Living person instead of a ghost but I can assure anyone reading this we checked the whole area to find him and we couldn’t really establish where he had headed if it was.

Last week we decided to go back to recreate what we was doing at the time to see if a living person could have got away without us seeing him and even though you can not always recreate the exact scene we did try our very best. We came to the conclusion that it would have been very hard for a living person to have hide or run away without us seeing and funnily enough the police did actually turn up due to a report from the rail staff on the opposite side of the viaduct, who reported children had been throwing bricks. It was actually good to speak to the police because they confirmed a few details for us, such as, if the man we had seen was a officer he wouldn’t have been on foot at nearly quarter to 12 at night and most definitely would have approached us further if he felt we shouldn’t have been there. The officers also informed us that if the area does get checked at this time of night, normally people sit in the lay by in cars.

Here is this live:

During the time of this incident being in the paper, I was contacted by Coinsborough Paranormal, a local team to the site. They informed me that they have heard and seen a man before and they had also seen on an separate occasion 3 people walking towards to the layby who also seem to vanish. They have many other reports of the location such as miners in the tunnel being seen and a small dog.

They also informed me that us and themselves are not the only ones to have witness this man, they have spoke to locals before now who have also stated the same but haven’t came forward to speak out about it because they fear they may be ridiculed over it.

If it is a ghost of man haunting the location who could it possibly be?

Cadeby tunnel used to be named Coinsborough tunnel, I have since posted this on the Paranormal Hauntings page and was informed that there were indeed two Coinsborough tunnels, one in which is still in use today but upon looking at the rail maps it doesn’t seem to be that way. There is other tunnels nearby but they have a completely different name and the only disused tunnel I can find is a tunnel named the Conisbrough-Edlington tunnel.

I had seen in forums that a man had committed suicide just outside this tunnel and I documentation that in this blog below:

I have since gained access to new information, thank you to Hull’s leading historian Mike Covell, who has given me information regarding this suicide and the newspapers articles that reported on this at the time.

His name was William Rawdon and he didn’t commit suicide just outside the tunnel it was abit further up the line at the Butterbusk crossing.

Full report can be seen here:

Another person found here was that of Charles Smith. It is unsure if he committed suicide or some kind of accident happened.. There isn’t much more information on it.

Another tragic lost also occurred here is a man fell from the train to his death. The man went unidentified for some time and eventually a friend did come to identify him.

Here are the newspaper articles from this tragedy:

A accident also happened at the top of the tunnel when it was being constructed which resulted in the tunnel worker dying from his injuries.

After reading this report, if those of you reading had watched the live, chrissie and the viewers was sensing a man at the top of the tunnel!

Murders near the viaduct

The viaduct is about a 30-40 minute walk from Cadeby tunnel, but the area in between holds alot of tragic history from Murders to suicide, where the victim is generally found nearby the viaduct. So I think it is important to mention these because to where some of these Murders took place is unknown, in some cases its just reported that the victim has been found under or nearby the viaduct.—month-11—november-december/conisbrough-tragedy—body-found-in-lime-kiln

And another…

I can not find any records of a policeman dying here at this moment in time and its key to mention that South Yorkshire police was only formed in 1974, But, in recent years the surrounding area of the tunnel has been been a hot spot for suicides and murders, for example one in 2007 and 2013 and could Warrant a reinactment haunting of the police turning up to the scene!

There is no documentation of the girl that is known by locals as the Mexborough ragger but the area has enough tragic history to warrant any kind of Haunting, even if that haunting may be from more recent years.

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