Black Mirror Scrying Experiment in Charlene’s Cypt| A lady lurking in the Mirror?

Captured during our Black mirror Scrying Session

What is black mirror scrying?

A way of Divination to ask spirits or receive messages from spirit.

The use of black mirrors may be traced back over the centuries. Alchemists Edward Kelley and John Dee used a black mirror of shewstone – a piece of polished obsidian.

There are many ways in which black mirror scrying can be done and one popular way is to sit at a black mirror from a angle and look into it.

We decided to do various methods of black mirror scrying throughout our Facebook live. Our aim was to try to contact with the alleged spirit attached to a doll that Charlene And Aimee had in their possession or to try to contact with anything else that may be lurking in Charlene’s Cypt (a room full of items with alleged Hauntings and oddities).

Charlene and Aimee decided to sit in a dark room with a black mirror and Charlene held a candle below her face. This method is normally used by Some who believe by doing black scrying in this way reflects who they are in a parallel or past life.

The results… BLACK EYES

Viewers watching reported that Charlene’s eyes had switched to black, Charlene even commented on this herself and was later sent screenshots of the transition. Charlene also reported as if she was going in and out of dream state/trance state and reported feeling anxious and having palpations.

The idea with mirror scrying is the actual physical body isnt changed but when looking through the black mirror the visual aspects of that persons physical features can be changed through the mirror.

Mirror scrying from a Angle

Charlene sat on the floor at one side of the mirror while Aimee sat in a chair on the other side. During this time Charlene was running a spirit box session and the candle was placed In front of the mirror. During this time the viewers was reporting seeing a women, Aimee decided to show the audience around the room to prove nobody else was there. She then pointed the camera to her self and where she was sat and where Charlene was sat and the lady was appearing in viewers reported the lady was showing herself in a completely different area.

Here is the picture again for a better look:

During the night Charlene and Aimee also added smoke into the experiment, this was added in as a aid for spirit to manifest if needed or to use the smoke to form a message of its choice. The smoke was not released during the time viewers was reporting seeing the lady in the mirror.

Can you see the lady? Let us know in the comments

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