PARANORMAL APPS | Advice for Users

ITC APPS take alot of stick from some investigators in the field, so as ITC users can we do anything to improve our results with ITC APPS.

Well, when you find a app you really want to use the instant reaction is to download it to your phone or tablet that you use all the time but that may not be beneficial to you presenting your evidence in the long run.

When you go to download these apps on first opening them they ask if they can access your media and files. Of course this is allowing the app to access all your conversions: text messages, soical media conversions etc literally everything so the more skeptical minded people on these are going to think that if you have allowed this feature on your device…then the replies that you have been getting while inveatigating is likely to be nothing more than comtamintation and the app has processed your daily events and conversions and could be relying information back to you and you can see why when its asking you to access such information…why would the app need this information?

So my advice is, if you dont want such contamination click deny or simply upload it to a device that you have no information and dont use it as a everyday use!

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