Ghostly Humming Voice Captured at Nocton Hospital Hall?

The hospital opened it’s doors in 1947. It was a 740 bed hospital in the area of Lincolnshire that was used by RAF forces personnel and their families until it eventually closed it’s doors in 1983.

In 1966, the hospital was fully functioning it had operating theatres, maternity ward and a neuro-psychiatric ward.

In 1984, the hospital was leased to be a US Air Force wartime contingency hospital, which was used during the Gulf War. During this time only 35 casualties were treated here.

The hospital was situated partly on the same grounds as Nocton Hall with the hall itself being used as an officer’s mess. The hospital itself was a slightly unstable building being built from mostly wooden huts and sat on a slope making the corridors uneven.

We have previously visited Nocton Hall and you can see how blog and details of our investigation on the link below.

The hospital was handed back over to her Majesty’s Government by the USAF in 1995 and hasn’t been used since.

The is hearsay that testing on patients may have been carried out at this location at some point, but that is local tale and there is no evidence at present to suggest this did occur at any point. There is blanks within its history to what or who exactly was happening here or who was being treated here and that is where some people something more may have happened here which history records may not be telling us.

Nocton Hall – History and its HAUNTINGS

Our investigation


Charlene Lowe Kemp, Chrissie Rising, Simon Wilson and Aimee Sirdifield.

We didnt take a lot of footage of the night simply because more happened when the camera wasnt rolling, but I want to still document it in written form for any one who may visit in years to come who may experience something similar.

There is one specific corridor that seems to be more active than the rest and that is the maternity corridor of the hospital.

Here we captured what sounds to me as a women humming and muttering and the video of this can be seen below.

The main activity we got however, was in a building just off the maternity ward. The reason we went into this part of the building was because I heard banging coming within it as we walked passed and sensed a man looking out the window.

To go in it, it looks like it may have been a storage part for the hospital and you would have expected other parts of the building to have much more about it in the terms of activity.

Myself and Chrissie picked up on a man residing in there, we felt he actually wasnt from the hospital itself but may have been here after its closure. He appeared untidied and smelt and came across drunk and angry but also very lonely. I will make you aware he did put impressions on me, his feelings of anger and at times I felt myself slurring if I had indeed had a drink myself.

Several times I asked for this gentleman to be heard and I threatened to leave until he responded, what happened next left Aimee completely baffled. We heard strong footsteps coming closer and closer on command. We had something thrown at us on command and when I ask for him to make himself known to Simon, Simon reported hearing a voice around him and boot like footsteps.

Aimee thought that a physical person was outside at this point as something was reacting more or less to our every command. She checked outside and the surrounding area and she confirmed we was the only ones around.

The activity decreased and on trying to leave the building something would happen to draw you back in so we said our thank yous and offered help if needed and left.

We will be visiting here again sometime in the future for a full nights investigation. There is hardly any signal here so footage will have to be pre-recorded.

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