Solomon’s Temple – Buxton, UK

We paid Solomons temple in Buxton in the UK a visit for a look around.

Solomon temple sits within Grin Low Woods in Buxton, UK and is a Victorian folly.The tower itself was built in 1896 to replace an earlier structure constructed by Solomon Mycock a local farmer and landowner.Solomon’s Temple actually occupies a site of ancient significance. It rises from the centre of an ancient burial mound, and during the tower’s construction an archaeological dig here revealed several Bronze Age skeletons from the ‘Beaker’ period, along with later Roman items.


Cloaked and hooded figures, carrying flaming torches going up to the temple.A picture was even taken here by man where it would seem like a monk like figure was caught in the background of one his photos, he reports nobody was in the area at the time.

Photo taken by
Zoomed in

Dancing lights – Believed to be the notorious phenomenia commonly called a Will o’ the Wisp or a Jack o’ Lantern.

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