St Botolph’s Church, Skidbrooke – The DEMON Church?

St Botolph’s church, Skidbrooke, is a abandoned Anglican church located in the village of Skidbrooke.

It dates back to the early 13th century and over the years as had alterations. In November 1973 the Diocese of Lincoln declared the church redundant.

During the 70’s and 80’s villagers reported to the local papers that they believed Satanists was using the church.

People who have visited the church have reported that a pentagram in wax was on the floor and in later years in graffiti.

Here is this report:

There has also been reports by locals In national newspapers, that they have found what they believe to be animal sacrifices in the church. The latest report of this was in 2004.

another report:

Not just that the reports of paranormal activity here is off the scale and most would say its one of ‘The most haunted’ churches or locations in the UK.

I have only really researched the reports today and I must say to what we picked up and what the ITC devices we used produced its made me realise how much we did get during our investigation here.

Some of the Reports:

  • Sightings of Monks
  • ‘rods’ – cylindrical objects travelling at high speed in the skies.
  • strange unaccountable noises
  • flashes in the sky
  • Apparitions of babies among the gravestones and grass.
  • Beelzebub worship
  • Malfunction of equipment
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Stone Throwing
  • Phantom Footsteps
  • Voices appearing from nowhere

Our investigation.

Soon as I pulled up at the location I had a intense headache that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. This became more intense has I entered the church.

Viewers did report the name Beelzebub coming through on both ITC devices used. Chrissie, our sensitive, picked up on a monk like figure wondering around the grave yard.

Swearing came through the ITC devices as well.

I decided I felt I needed to walk around what appeared to be a pentagram in the middle of the church, I felt that this would have been a practice that would have happened in this circle before a possible ritual took place.

I also laid candles and equipment with the circle to see if anything triggered while I do this.

The rest of the team then stood at the points of the pentagram and I sat in the middle, it felt like it was a offering and I was offering myself.

Not many would agree with this line of investigating but my theory is if you are given something and your gut is to follow a certain procedure, then follow it. I am completely open minded and even though I would never worship ‘satan’ in anyway shape or form sometimes for evidence you have to push the boundaries.

and I think you could have called this a ‘LIVE RITUAL’ being taken place!!

The ITC did seem to kick up a notch at this point and then energy levels seem to reduce, at this point I closed the circle as I opened it, walking in reverse to how I opened it.

I was pleased to be told that some weeks later, another investigator had the urge to do the exact same thing to what I did and picked up the exactly same urge to walk the circle. I am not sure if he seen me do this live, it is highly possible but if not its interesting he too had the same urge!

I seen lights when walking out in the graveyard near the soldiers graves and myself and the live audience heard swinging noises in this area too.

At the end of the live, Adam from Hidden Realm captured a voice on his camera which sounded as if it was a lady. At this point we decided to do a EVP session in the graveyard which didn’t seem to produce much and we as a team ended the live typically In the paranormal hauntings style in snitches.

Overall it was a interesting and brilliant night.

To watch our live back please visit the link below

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